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  1. WOW!

    Just got back from showing of Steven Speilberg's "War of the Worlds" starring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning and....WOW. The movie is intense from about five minutes into it until the very end. This movie does not let up one bit and I have to say I haven't been to a movie that made me sit on the edge of my seat as this one did.

    Talk about a SHTF situation, and motivation for building some kind of bomb shelter deep in the ground. For the price of admission it was one heck of a ride.

    Safe Shooting!
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    I want to see that movie...and i want to love it...but to be honest....I am so friggin sick of anything remotely involving Tom Cruise at this point....I may just skip it entirely....

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    I go back and forth daily regarding this one...

    One one hand, I really want to see the modern interpretaion of my favorite sci-fi story.

    But on the other, I've been so disappointed with Hollywood screwing up all of my childhood favorites, that I kinda want to leave this one alone.

    Will probably go see it, looks like one of those "Must see on the big screen" type of movies.
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    Now ain't that the truth!
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    as I know this original story was written by famous Herbert Wells. and in the original version mentioned story happaned in the beginning of 20th century. I love this book and used to read it over and over again as well as other his books. as I understood in the film everything happanes in our days, and I think this actually harms the story and makes film less attractive at least to me personnaly.
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    I hate T Cruz also, I went to see Dakota Fanning. She is probably one of the best actresses out there. Tom could take lessons from her on not how to over act!
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    Yeah, probably going to download this one (oops did I say that out loud). I paid for Batman Begins though, and it was worth every penny for addmission, the overpriced popcorn and soda. Heck, I would have paid double.
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    I dont mind T Cruz. I think he's done some really cheesy rolls but is becoming a legit actor. I agree with Cagedruss that Dakota is a great actress. I believe she challenges the adults she works with to bring their A game. I've noticed WorldPax has a clip of TC in his signature. Collateral was a great movie and career move Cruise.
    I will try to see WOW in the theater but if I dont make it I will definitely rent it when the DVD comes out.

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    Wasn't so much talking about mr. cruise's acting...which can be good....though i don't think it always is....Collateral was very good....not sure what else ihave seen of him lately...other than the real problem....the news....

    tom and nicole
    tom and katie
    tom and penelope
    tom and warm watermelon (ok i made that one up...a professor of mine once explained(...why he told us this....i dont know...) that his cousin's first sexual experience was with a warm watermelon....i think he scarred several of us in the class for life with that one....god knows i can't look at a watermelon without that popping into my head....sheeesh!)

    anyway.....just sick of the whole PR thing and all the wild nutty shit he says lately....i mean come on Tom....your an actor....i don't care if you think you know the history of psychiatry....knowing the history does not make you an MD, or qualify you to publicly give medical advice......cripes man!
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    Cruise vs Media

    Let me first just say I'm not a Cruise-phile, but I thing the guy makes the best of the situation. A lot of sheeple want to know everything about him. The media takes advantage of this and "manufactures" stories. If it weren't for this incesive media coverage we wouldnt be reading about his personal business every day. Cruise could be an A-hole (ala Barry Bonds) and stone wall the media, but this would not be condusive to him trying to pimp his movies.

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    Just saw WOW this afternoon. Believe me, any misgivings about it
    being set in modern times, Tom Cruise and sex with watermelons,
    or previous disappointments with Hollywierd remakes are misplaced.
    As a fan of the book and the 1953 movie (I still remember the
    trailers in the ads on our coal powered TV for that one) I thought this version was AWESOME!! It is a synthesis of the best of the book and setting it in the modern world. The tripods are magnificently done, as are all the special effects. They give the impression of being completely other worldly and ultimately frightening. I can unreservedly recommend it.
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    Got a question


    I saw it this afternoon as well. I thought it was great. I expected a bit more from Spielberg, who always sets the bar with every new movie but overall it was still very good. It was kind of like an M. Night Shyalaman movie with a little less left to the imagination. I agree with previous statements that Dakota Fanning is fantastic in this and everything she does. Cruise is a great actor and he doesn't disappoint in this one.

    Anyway - my main question is what did he say near the end when he was yelling at the soldiers? He was pointing to the tripod and saying something about the birds, but I didn't get it. Must be all the shooting I'm doing lately.

    Also - what was the bit about the sucking out of the human blood? Tim Robbins says they were spraying it around as "fertilizer" and what was the red root-type stuff that was growing on everything (and then dying when they get to Boston)? This was not explained well.

    Here are my 2 big inconsistencies in the execution of this film:

    Why did the shields work perfectly for all the other assaults on the tripods, and then at the end the Javelin missles just blow them to bits? The aliens getting sick affected the ability of the shields to work?

    Why does Robbie (the son) look like shit when they are reunited at the end in Boston? He comes out of the grandparent's house like he just left the battle when they were separated but everyone else looks (Mother and grandparents) look like they just sat down to Sunday dinner.

  13. "Anyway - my main question is what did he say near the end when he was yelling at the soldiers? He was pointing to the tripod and saying something about the birds, but I didn't get it. Must be all the shooting I'm doing lately." - JNG1226.

    Tom Cruise's character was trying to inform the soldier that the birds were landing on the tripods so the soldier would see that if the birds can get through than so can missles and bullets. "Look birds are making it through and landing on top of the tripods so their shields must be down."

    The red weed that was growing over everything was part of the original novel by H.G. Wells and was simply an attempt by the aliens to make earth an environment more suitable to their own. My guess is that they thought the planet was suitable to their environmental needs. Of course, they were wrong.

    Why did the aliens use people as fertilizer for the red weed? Not sure really, but I think the reason they attacked at the time they did was to ensure that there would be enough humans to use as fertilizer. If you're the aliens you figure a certain percentage dead and a certain percentage captured. Obviously, they thought they had reached a point in human population where the percentage they could capture would be sufficient.

    As for the shields going down as a result of the sick aliens? Well, most machines don't operate properly when the driver is passed out or near death.

    Am I spending way too much time thinking about a Sci-Fi movie...you bet! However, thats how my brain works when ever I see a movie that has some holes in the plot.
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    Thanks MOD,

    I went to IMDB.com after I posted my reply above and perused their message boards. I found many of the same answers you provided, and that makes a lot of sense. I need to read more books instead of magazines!

    It does seem strange that birds would flock to, and land on, a moving Tripod vehicle, but I guess they were attracted to the dying aliens within? Like most things in this movie, it seems that Mr. Spielberg was paying homage to Mr. Wells and the original 50's movie at the expense of his usually complete film experiences. I guess I was expecting something as good as the original Raiders of the Lost Ark and Saving Private Ryan and set my expectations a bit too high.

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    Did ya'll notice that Gene Barry and Ann Robinson played the grandparents at the very end of the movie? They were the original leads in the 1953 movie.

    I liked the movie.