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  1. xjrat

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    Ok I love to shoot and am Ok at it. I have a 10/22
    and inhearited a 30-30 lever action which I LOVE to
    shoot. Now I am not knowledgable about different calibars
    of rifles and what they do.
    I don't have a scope for the 30-30 and if I did what would it be good
    for and at what distances? I love to just go out and shoot cans and the
    like without a scope as far away as I can see.
    Is the 30-30 just an all around side kick?

    Now my other questions are about the Steyr rifles, I LOVE my m40-a1 I
    would eventually like to get a steyr rifle. I will one day move out of Kalifornia
    to Texas where I am sure that deer hunting is a prereq for living there. If I can ever
    aford to get a steyr what cal shoud I get. If I don't ever hunt with it, I know I will
    shoot alot of targets with it at 250+ yards. I am sure I will shoot at least one large
    animal someday but untill then.
    What cals do what and for what pourpose?
    I am not interested in gun brands or biases just a basic run down.
    Thanks All
  2. Syntax360

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    This is probably one of the best write-ups I've seen concerning .30-30 out of a lever gun. It should answer most of your questions.

    Regarding rifle calibers in general, I'm no expert but .308 will kill just about anything you need to kill in the CONTUS.

  3. bigtaco

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    wow. that's pretty broad. big can of worms. rifles aren't my specialty. i put three bullets through the same hole at 100 yards at the range one day, an admitted total fluke but still... nobody cared!!! so i gave up. c'mon, atleast a little brotherly high five.

    if you want to shoot white tail 150 yards and in (which is really where most kills are) a 30-30 is fine, provided you shoot it fine.

    to start comparing other calibers to other calibers creates this escalation of factors. for instance:

    a 50 bmg is a great LONG range caliber. til you check out the specs on a .416 barret.

    300 win mag is "a lot of rifle", til you touch off a .338 lapua.

    you need big bullets to carry energy down range. til you watch a guy stack (5) 17hmr's on top of one another at 200 yards.

    you need lots of power to drop a deer. til you pop one in the shoulder, with an arrow!!

    i put two shotgun slugs in a buck that was already down but trying to get up, at point blank range. after which he ran 100 yards, fell in a creek and drowned!

    i also dropped a nice one at 90 yards with buckshot. (this did not occur in the state of pennsylvania) one pellet in the head. seriously!!

    circumstance plays a much bigger role in dropping game.

    target shooting? in these times? i'd go small and fast. with the price of it, find a caliber that's cheap on ammo with lots of reloading info. if you want to get good, (and you'll need to be good to shoot out to 250 yards and beyond) ammo will quickly eclipse the cost of the rifle and optics.

    another tid bit: if you're going cheap on anything, go cheap on the rifle. rifles, for the most part are pretty dumb little mechanical devices that just happen to do the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN. perfect. doesn't matter what it does, as long as it does it the same everytime.

    truly great optics allow you to see things in unbelieveable clarity. read up on resolution numbers. skip the marketing crap, get to the meat of the specs.

    notice i didn't suggest anything. no calibers, models or brand names.

    so, what are you really looking for?
  4. aubie515

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    I agree that for a 30-30 that you should keep your shots within 150 yards. You might be able to reach 200 yards with Hornady's ammo for the 30-30. As far as optics for a 30-30, most hunters go with a 3x9, but you can also get a straight 4 power scope.

    IMO, for ranges further than 200 yards, I would be looking at a .308. The ammo is easy to find and the recoil is pretty mild. Sure there are other calibers that punch harder at longer distances, but the .308 will do the job. If you buy one of the larger calibers 300WM/300 UltraMag, it may beat you up and you won't enjoy shooting the rifle. I say the best bet is to meet up with people who own calibers that you are considering purchasing. Find out what you enjoy shooting and go from there.

    BTW, I own a Steyr SBS Tactical and I love that rifle. The action and trigger are very smooth. Steyr really knows how to design and build weapons.
  5. xjrat

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    Thanks guys keep it commin.
    Syn. Thanks for the link, thats a great web site besides just that page. Lot of good info.
    Bigt. I once sunk the 9 ball on the break but I was alone in the pool hall, and the guy across the
    room looked at me funny when I jumped up and down shouting, no one cared either!!! I know I
    opened a big can of worms with this question but that just means more bait for more people
    to fish with. I know that if the planets are alighned right you can drop a grizzly with a pellet gun,
    circumstance has a lot to do with it. I am mostly looking for general info now so when the time
    is right(mony in wallet) I will know what I want.
    My dad was never really into shooting, he had a .22 that we took out once a year or less, and
    I never had any one really to talk to about it since living in Ca every one would rather hug the deer
    than shoot it. So when it comes to big bore stuff I am clueless(don't ask my wife, she would say I am
    always clueless)...
    aubie.Thanks I realy didn't know why the 30-30 was intended for (yrds, game, protection?)
    I will keep my 30-30 and just save for the Steyr someday

  6. Cohiba

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    u r gonna take some long shots in TX on occasion. 25-06 or 7mm-08 would be my choice. if i wan going to do some pig destruction i'd probably opt for the 308 due to ammo cost. definiatly a n SBS mountain though, unless the 25-06.
  7. nc_gunner

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    .30-06 is a very versatile caliber, lot of different loads available for it. 308 is also great but I don't think it's got the diversity of rounds and powder loads. Pretty good trajectory and plenty of power for long distance or heavier game kills. Just my .02, also Steyr rifles are on sale right now at CDNN. No time like the present perhaps?
  8. Jester

    Jester Guest

    Having lived in TX for 20+ years, I feel the best cartridge for whitetail is the 7-08 Rem. It is quite accurate with controllable recoil. Silhouette shooters seem to favor it as well. I have a Steyr Forrester SBS in 7-08 Rem and a new Mannlicher Classic in .308 Win. that I just bought from CDNN... what a deal! Since I handload, I will probably sell my 7-08 as I hunt for hogs with an AR-10 (.308 Win.) and will use the new .308 for whitetail. I'm just trying to simplify things. I have reloaded some 150 gr. Speer Spitzers that are real screamers and would have no problem reaching out to 250 meters if needed to hit whitetail. BTW, the AR-10 has a 16" bbl and is quite handy stalking in the brush or sitting in a stand. That said, I would have no problem using either Steyr rifle on a hog hunt, but wouldn't use the AR on whitetail.
  9. sewerman

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    seriously look into CZ rifles.

    these are full of craftmenship that left the american market twenty plus years ago.

    whittakers guns out of owenboro kentucky has a great price and good selection.
    daryl and becky are honest and real people.
    you can't go wrong with whittakers guns and CZ! :wink:
  10. olli9022

    olli9022 Steyr Mannlicher Representative

    ...DON'T thing about CZ rifles....think about a STEYR MANNLICHER rifle....


  11. sewerman

    sewerman Premium Member

    point taken....... :oops: but not every wannbie has that kind of money !!! :lol:
  12. Syntax360

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    With CDNN's prices, there hasn't been a better time to pick up a Steyr rifle...
  13. bigtaco

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    true that yo!!! you'll never get a new one cheaper. ever.

    now that others have chimed in a little, i would suggest a look at the weatherby vanguard. it's made by howa. they offer an M.O.A model which is guarenteed to shoot under M.O.A. out of the box. check it out. i have personal experience with the weatherby vanguard. mine isn't an M.O.A. model, but when i was practicing regularly, it would put 5 shots under an inch at 100 yards, with factory ammo. pretty easy on the wallet too.

    as far as calibers, i've always been a fan of the 7mm-08. my dad loves a good 25-06. the current vogue cartridge is the .260 remington.

    but... if you ever get to the hunting spot. you know, the hunting spot you've saved all year to get to. and OOPS forgot my ammo!! you can count on someone having 30-06 and the other guy having .308. that's one of the reasons my vanguard is chambered in 30-06.

    easy solution is don't forget your ammo. but planning your absentmindedness is as successful as planning your gunfight and your car crash.

    optics? there are lots of high dollar companies. you're paying for lenses. and write that check with a smile!!!

    leupold, zeiss and burris come to mind. some claim the upper end nikon and simmons are very competitive in quality. you be the judge.