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Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by FlaChef, Jul 24, 2005.

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    Unbelievable! Walmart is about the last place I would expect to see Steyr.

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    That's great, but Wally needs to do one of his famous rollbacks! :D :D :D You can get one of these for $599 NIB in Birmingham, Alabama. Course they are like the CDNN pistols, they have been in that box at least 4 years-- the local gunshops bought up lots of them when GSI quit handling them. Don't buy one of these unless you have it in your hand-- some people hate the bolt lift-- it has a very radical cam that is initially very hard to move-- I have to almost slap it. Unless you practice a lot you find youself knocking it away from your sight picture-- followup shots could take more time to reacquire. Don't just work the bolt a few times, you need to feel it after you dry-fire it. I swear it is harder after firing-- something about the way the safety works, I think.(I have the mechanical ability of a fencepost-- I just like to hunt). Anyway, the good news is Steyr seems to have some plans to expand the market in conjunction with Wally World.
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    I would agree that rollback needs to take place...a bit expensive for my taste, but I am glad to see that Steyr would be available in more places. I would have never guessed that WalMart would be a place you would ever see a Steyr.
  4. WOW....that has me excited! If Steyr is moving main stream, full steam ahead in their marketing and distribution that can only be a great thing. While Steyr-Mannlicher is moving the production of their military type rifles outside of Austria they are keeping production of the Rifles and Pistols at the Austrian plant and when I see rifles at Walmart I'm hoping that leads to pistols at Gandor Mountain soon.