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Howdy All :)

I shot probably close to a 1000 rounds of the Winchester 125 GR FP's from Wal-Mart getting started with my M357-A1. Where I live, there's not much choice and local retail gunshops don't carry much in the way of 357 SIG ammo or reloading supplies. I never had much trouble with the Wal-Mart Winchester ammo, and that was through the break-in period, but I really didn't have anything else to compare it to. I can remember gathering some once-fired brass from an indoor range in Walsenbergh, CO and I distinctly remember sorting through the 1000's of rounds of the SIG brass and finding R-P brass with obvious setback issues, and a few Winchesters, as well. I'm thinking that probably a lot of the negativism about Wal-Mart ammo is indeed a reaction from small retailers voicing their discontent having to deal with a retailer that can undercut their prices by as much as 50%. <shrug> Anyway, hava great weekend.

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