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  1. posterboy7

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    Anyone own an H&K VP-70 or have experience with one? These guns really fascinate me for some reason (maybe it was that episode of Millennium...). I have seen them on occasion in stores and handled them but never shot one.
  2. West01

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    Yes, I use to own one long time ago (civilian version).

    The VP70 is a strange beast indeed. The first versions of this gun were selective fire and came with a special plastic stock and an extended magazine. You could call it a micro machine pistol like the micro-UZI.

    H&K finally introduced a civilian version that is semi-auto only and no plastic stock adapter. It was in many way in advance of its time. The VP70 has a blow-back operate action with a double action only trigger. The recoil spring is quite hefty and can make quite hard to rack the pistol in cold weather. The trigger was one of toughest that I can recall. It was a long 10llbs ++. You better have a steady strong hand.

    The weapon was not very accurate but very reliable. Remember it was design originally for military application.

    One of the strange feature of this pistol was the sights. It is difficult to describe. It basically use the shadow of a groove of the front sight as the of the front post!....Uh! can I make it more unclear.. :)
    Anyhow, its just to say that the sights are useless in low light...

    They are becoming quite rare these days and have some collector value. The VP70 like the P7 is a good representative of the European weapon design renaissance of the 70's.

    It definitively an interesting piece although not for everyday shooting at the range...




  3. Syntax360

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    West01 summed it up pretty good - the triggers are notorious for being god-awful (even for an H&K :shock: :p) and the sights are just plain ridiculous. Still a good collector's item/show piece for an H&K fan. Price is pretty reasonable, too.
  4. mugdava

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    First polymer pistol, before it's time in many ways. I've entertained the notion of gettin' one. :wink:
  5. babj615

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    ...as have I....

    8) 8) 8)
  6. posterboy7

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    Thanks guys! I know its history and, though I have handled one I must not have really noticed the sights or dry fired it.

    So, not so accurate, heavy awful trigger, hmmm... I think I will pass. Not that I was seriously considering buying one, unlike say, an INOX Beretta Cougar I really really want.

    Thanks again.
  7. Buzz

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    I had a VP70Z back in the late 80's early 90's. What has been said is true. I still have re-occuring nightmare's that I'm trying to pull a trigger but it won't break no matter how hard I pull. I realized that it was the VP70Z that inspires these dreams. The trigger is that bad. I did end up clipping a few coils on mine (a gunsmith told me how to do it) even though that isn't generally a good idea, and the trigger was a whole lot better. Still, I sold it, and made money on it.

    I still get urges to get one again, but then common sense prevails. I suppose if I was at a gun show with money burining a whole in my pocket and one was there at an incredible price I might be tempted.... I wouldn't go a penny over $400.

    But oh! That trigger!


    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Only shot one a long time ago. No good.
  9. faol

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    I agree wholeheartedly with the above. Mine had an atrocious trigger. Since it had 18 round mags, your finger would be very cramped after firing 50 rounds! The pistol was also featured in the movie Aliens as the Marine sidearm. All I can say is that they must've had bionic trigger fingers!!! I sold it, but probably should've kept it as a conversation piece.