Virginias new Civil Remedial Fees HB-3202

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Thin_Blue_Line, Jun 29, 2007.

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    I know there are a few other Virginians on this forum and I wanted to let every one of you know about House Bill 3202 which goes into effect at Midnight on Saturday. I am spreading the word about this because these Civil Remedial Fees are the biggest scam to leave the Virginia General Assembly. First off they slipped this in in the new transportation bill right under our noses. It was sponsored and created by two republican senators (one of which is a PLC that specializes in traffic cases) and signed into law by a democrat. I have posted the links below to brief you Virginians on all of this. I am a conservative person by nature and as I stated before I am a career LEO and this bill is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen. It allows the state (my employer) to tax people on any traffic related offense even though its original design was to hit only serious offenders it was bastardized to include everything per the VA Supreme Court brief below. These fees target only legal residents of Virginia, out of stater's and illegal aliens are not impacted by these fees. I encourage you to write the Governor as I have done and contact your local delegates. Please spread the word if nothing else.


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    I've heard a lot about this on my local general gun forum. Sounds like total BS. They're just tightening the noose. We've got the speed cameras everywhere here in Montgomery County. I like how they aren't going to lay these charges on non-VA residents because they know they can't enforce them out of the state...

    Worst part is, I'm sure if the program isn't met with large resistance, it will be spreading to other areas :roll:


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    Have already complained.
    Yet another example of an out-of-control, self-perpetuating, illegitimate government.
    If I get caught I will say "No habla, senor officer. I from Mejico and I don't need no steeenking license".