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While waiting for a molded leather holster that is on order, called Bagmaster a couple of days ago to have them send me one of their in-stock nylon holsters; came today and found that it fits the M9A1 just perfectly, as if it was made just for it. Have carried concealed daily another pistol in one of Bagmasters belt clip holsters (I use it IWB but can be used OWB as well) and found them to be comfortable and much better quality than other nylon holsters I have tried. Also, Bagmaster has what they call a bonded material that is so soft, feels like you have a pillow inside your waistband. Anyway, in case anyone is looking for an extremely affordable nylon holster that fits the A1 perfectly, it is Bagmaster "Clip Holster" size "NG", cost me $19.95 plus $6 shipping. I have their printed catalog, but they probably have a web site as well, their telephone number is 800-950-8181. Do not remember what they call the bonded material model, but the regular clip holster is extremely comfortable as well. Both holster models have a variation you can get that has a pouch to carry a spare mag, have one of those models also and works well.
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