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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Fireof59, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Fireof59

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    I've read several posts (cant find them now) where part of the post mentioned that the M series was ejecting brass vertically and someone answered and mentioned that indicates that something is an old design and needs to be replaced by SAI.

    I've noticed that my M40-A1 does this. Does it need to be sent in?
    The only issue I've seen so far is pieces of the ceiling floating down from being hit rather hard with the brass...

  2. Garys4598

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    YES, the consesus here on the forum is, based on your pistol's vertical brass ejection symptom, that it should be sent in to SAI for them to take a look at it (and fix). What that will most likely involve for SAI is a replacement of the pistol's extractor... as well as possibly the extractor spring, etc.

    In my honest opinion, providing your gun has never been sent in to SAI for a thorough examination by Jeff Reece (SAI Gunsmith), your pistol's current behavior is a GREAT REASON to mail the pistol in to SAI and have them work their magic on it. I know that I now feel a heck of a lot more confident in my M40-A1's reliability and performance, after receiving my pistol back from SAI.

    Just my opinion mind you. You may find others folks on the forum that have a different opinion (but I would be surprised).


  3. Syntax360

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    I've read several reports of people who were having this problem during the break-in period, but over time it "worked itself out" and ejection became regular and to the right. I suppose it's up to you - is the "problem" worth the shipping costs to SAI? Gary is definitely right about having a little more peace of mind knowing that a trained eye has given your pistol a good check...
  4. BadAndy

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    I put several hundred rounds through mine and it still would FTE occasionally and did not stop throwing brass straight up. Sent mine off a few weeks ago and I'm going to the range this weekend to see how the new extractor and parts feel.
  5. Netfotoj

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    Vertical ejection does seem to be fairly typical, it certainly was with my M357-A1 for the first couple of hundred rounds to where I took to wearing a cap to the range as I frequently got bonked on top of the noggin with hot brass. But it was no big deal to me and it did stop.

    With my new M9-A1 I'm seeing the same thing. But it's not that unusual with many pistols. I shot a friend's Beretta .32 ACP and it was ejecting straight up and hitting the roof under the shelter where I was shooting at an outdoor range, bouncing straight down on my head!

    I had an outdoor firing outing last weekend with friends and family with some 16 pistols and rifles and more than a few of them I noticed were ejecting brass straight up or arcing back behind the shooter.

    If it bothers you enough to pay shipping to SAI, go for it. But it will most likely go away after break-in. I can't remember the last time my M357-A1 bonked me on the head with brass. :mrgreen:
  6. remat457

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    My S40 ejected brass upwards. I didn't mind that but the brass hit everyone in the face that shot it.
    I sent it back to SAI who replaced some parts (forget which ones now, but I could look up the invoice if helpful).

    Upon return it still ejects vertically but now it shoots the brass like 20 feet in the air. Definitely not hitting me in the face any more. :)

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it unless it is a problem.

  7. rckrzy1

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    But nothing beats my deal. I sent them a used s9 I bought that would nail my forehead and do to lack of parts to repair it they sent me a brand spankin new s9-a1 , one of the very first batches imported.
  8. nuj

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    the ejection problem on the steyr M-A1 series is very common, mine goes everywhere. lets think for a moment, instead of the extractor as the main culprit for the erratic ejection problem, why not see if there some other part involve.
    lets say, the EJECTOR. the steyr ejector for me is very unsual. has anyone here in the forum tried making any adjustment on this part.

    MACHINgunIST Guest

    I agree with you.....while it may be that the extractor and # of break in rounds are a factor........the other factor is the ejector......its length.....and contact tip configuration......the angle of the contact tip. Also....on some pistols......the shape, size and edge contouring of the slide ejection port will affect ejection........but I doubt the ejection port itself is contributing to erratic ejection. From what I've read seems break in and higher round count sometimes solves the problem........but SOMETIMES IS NOT THE SAME AS 100% CONSISTENCY AND RELIABILITY........ABSOLUTE MUSTS ........when a pistol is used for SD.........A SD PISTOL MUST BE PERFECT.....NO EXCEPTIONS.....over members work together........I'm confident these bugs will be understood and worked out......otherwise I wouldn't have purchased my M9 A-1.
  10. Netfotoj

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    SAI will repair or more likely replace the ejector or extractor for free if anyone asks. If you think it's a problem, give SAI a call. Some members have reported receiving the new extractor from SAI to install themselves, so if you're mechanically inclined, it saves shipping the pistol to them. :mrgreen: