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  1. imyomama

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    Just picked up a used USR rifle ... have a few questions about legalities

    can i add a take down button for the barrel? it seems like it might fit ... but 1 is it legal and 2 is it easy to do ?

    can i cut the barrel down and add a pinned down muzzle brake ? the law says no flash hiders , so would a muzzle brake be ok ? and if so , can i use one of those AAc's that would allow a suppressor to be attached?

    research seems to be not so much in favor of suppressing this rifle due to piston port noise .... anyone did it and can comment ?

    the 20/20 trigger sear seems to be the best part to improve the trigger... any recommendation ?

    thanks in advance!
  2. MikeSearson

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    Are you talking about state laws?