USPSA match: 2nd in L10 with M40A1

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ThaiBoxer, Mar 30, 2009.

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    I shot in a wet match on Saturday, rained most of the time. 37 shooters, new range for me, nice bunch of guys. Higher level of competition than my "local" range, 4-5 GMs or Masters were there. I flubbed one stage by looking at the targets instead of the sights, my other stages I performed about commensurate with my current skill level, which seems to be B-class. Shot a classifier that was B-class hit rate, & my overall % for the match was B-class range. Took 12th of 37 overall.

    Had fun despite the rain, and I do seem to be improving. I thinks it's time to video myself and see what stupid, embarrassing, time-wasting things I'm doing, so I can fix those.

    Met one guy whose dad shoots a Steyr M series in Production! Fielded a few questions about my Steyr. My Steyr was flawless, as usual. The match winner is a GM in Production, and I think he always shoots Glocks. I did see 2 Glock 34-35s on my squad gagging, one of them a lot, with FTFeeds. A couple STI guns on my squad had some odd problems or 2.

    Go Steyr!

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    Video tape would probably be extremely helpful. Could put it on YouTube for the rest of us, since we probably do similar uneconomic things in a match.