Use Pearce Grip Extensions for Glock with my S40 Mags?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Sep 14, 2005.

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    This is probably dumb, but what the hell...

    I love my S40 and carry it daily. It conceals beautifully. However, I would feel a little more comfortable if I could guarantee an instantly secure grip when I draw the weapon from concealment. The way it is now, I must take a small amount of time (but longer than I like) to ensure my fingers are securely wrapped around the short, smooth grip of the S40.

    I plan to use skateboard tape or maybe a Hogue Handall or similar accessory to make the grip "sticky". However, I also *really* want a grip extender to catch my lilttle finger on as I draw the gun.

    I know there is not an extender for the S40, but I was wondering if any of the very useful ones made for the Glock by Pearce might work. Does anyone know if a mag floorplate for a Glock 40S&W magazine would fit that of the S40? If so, then maybe the grip extenders would work.

    Just a thought. THanks in advance.
  2. Just_watching

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    it is the simplest way to get a secure grip - wrap black cotton hockey tape around the grip.

    No sticking remains after removing.
    You can wrap the handle almost exactly adapt to your hand, both in shape and in thickness. (for me was enogh to wrap in same way as a Tennisracket with 1/2 overlaying)
    50 m Tape cost $ 3.
    No damged clothes, like when you using skateboardtape.

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    the only downside to making your grip sticky is that it tends to catch on your cover garment, which may compromise concealablility.

    that being said, skateboard tape and hockey tape both work.

    as far as an instant grip extension, you could always throw an m40 mag in it. they work excellently, (and you can get 2 more rounds) but that might be too much extension and could also compromise concealability.

    however, i wouldn't rely on a grip extension for a faster draw. you shouldn't be drawing with your pinky. you want to have a good shooting grip on the gun BEFORE you pull it out of the holster. the key to a good shooting grip out of the holster is being able to get your thumb between the gun and your body. i notice that by rocking my body to the left, i increase the area between the gun and my body, making it easier to draw. as an upside, moving is the first thing you should do in a confrontation anyway. i have a much harder time hitting a moving target, and the bad guy will too.

    you could also try making the gun ride higher. this will give you more room to work with but the gun will print more when you bend at the waist.
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    Thanks for the suggestion on the hockey tape, also on the M40 mag. I might check them out.

    I don't want to draw the gun with my pinky finger exactly. When I draw my gun, even with my thumb and the web of my hand properly positioned, my last one or two fingers may slide off the grip initially as I close them around the grip. I want to use the extension as a "stop" or "register" for my little finger as I wrap my fingers around the grip.

    I have an S&W 6906 9mm with a pinky extension built into the mag. That gun is easier for me to draw, and I think it's because of that extension.

    Thanks again for the suggestions.
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    try putting a houge handall on it. It gives excellent index poits for your hand because of the finger grooves.

    for a good draw stroke the key is putting the webbing of your hand into the beavertail right the first time, practice is the only way to do that.
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    forget slip on grips. I had just bad experience. they turns permanently and slips downards. IMHO useless.