USASteyr magazines on sale

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by FlaChef, Apr 9, 2005.

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    well they've officially come down in price now that other places are offering them.

    M mags are $30 for 14/12 round 9mm and .14/.357 respectively.

    All ten round mags, both M and S in all calibers are now $15.

    If you need any S mags now is the time to get them before they're all gone!

    personally I'm sticking w/ my one S9 and two M9 14 rounders for my S9.

    also this puts their prices the same as cdnn for standard cap (non-clinton) mags, and there's no $10 flat shipping charge, though On-Point is still the cheapest around.

    I din't check out rifle mags :oops:
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    My in-laws live down by the office. I think I will stop in there next time I am in IA and buy a few mags. Thanks for the heads up.

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    I just purchased a 10 round mag and in good timing too. Thanks FlaChef.
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    Thanks for the headsup, I'd like to get mags for my new S9 as well. Is there any shipping charge? I didn't see any info on how much shipping it is, ie. USPS, UPS Ground, etc. If free shipping then I'd certainly get some mags.
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    I bought 2 extras when I bought my S9. I'm trying to decide if I want to buy another 2 or 3
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    Those of your with S9 pistols and no S40 mags, buy them! There is nothing better than using modded S40 mags to carry 12+1 rounds in your S9 for concealed carry. I have 3 S40 mags, 1 of the 10 round S9 mags, 3 of the 10 round M9 mags and 5 of the LEO M9 mags.
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    I just bought 5 S40 mags from them. I ordered them on Monday PM and they arrived on Wednesday AM, UPS ground. Freight was $9.50 (Minimum shipping charge is $8.95 according to the invoice). They only had 9 of them, so unless they sold the rest, they only have 4 left, and yes, they were $15 a piece. Now I have 5 mags for each of my two S40s (it's like a Tomb Raider moment, now if I could only find one of those magazine-loading backpacks like she's got). From what he told me, they were clearing out their pistol mag inventory and not getting any more. That's cheaper than I could find on ebay or any of the other auction sites (when you could find them). I guess they also do airguns, that's what was on the invoice ( Anyway, they were really nice to work with and talk to. Hope this helps anyone.