Updates from Steyr Mannlicher and their Austrian office!

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by CGuns, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. CGuns

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    Steyr Mannlicher just cut a deal with Walmart.

    Look on Walmart's website and type in Steyr!

    Service location and Steyr USA are being moved, from what I understand.

    Gunsmiths are being flown to Austria for training, so that they will be familiar and able to fix both past and present models.

    They are working on it, slowly but surely.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is absolutely fantastic news!

    Thanks for the update.

  3. Alabama

    Alabama Guest

    Does that mean we'll be able to get our Steyrs serviced through our local Big-box? Wow...
  4. madecov

    madecov Active Member

    Sounds like Steyr is beggining to make moves to get presence in the USA again.
    This is actually good news.

    Wally will sell anything but if there's no support they'll dump it.
  5. CGuns

    CGuns New Member

    Madecov: PM right back to you.
  6. revjen45

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    Excellent news!! Spares and service for my S-9 will be welcome. Wally World doesn't sell handguns do they? Will they just sell rifles and handle service?
  7. madecov

    madecov Active Member

    Factory Nite sights?
    Factory Nite sights !

    Did I say Factory Nite Sights #-o
  8. Mortech

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    I don't know of any Walmart that sells handguns , somehow I'm not feeling very confident about sending my Steyr in through them for servicing (I know the yahoos that work at the local one wayyyyy too well AND THAT SCARES ME!)
  9. What would be nice is if we started seeing Steyr MA1s at some of the larger sporting goods stores that distribute handguns like Gandor Mountain.
  10. blueiron

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    I'd like to see some for sale in a local gun store. Today, I went to a large "boutique" gun store to price a few items. Since they have an indoor range, I asked if they had a Steyr M9/40/357A1 to rent and shoot. The young man at the counter looked at me rather quizzically and said that they didn't have any. Another clerk overheard my request and said that they were junk. When asked if he ever fired one or had experience with one, he sheepishly replied: "no". I rolled my eyes and kept my American Express in my wallet without buying anything. I then rolled myself out of there.

    I hope Steyr gets a great marketing manager. They surely need one here in the West.
  11. I get the same thing at the gun shops here...one guy had no clue what a Steyr even was and told me "Glocks are good guns." I had to laugh a little.
  12. Matches

    Matches Guest

    Glocks are good guns. There are a lot of guns much worse than Glock and there are some better.
  13. Yeah, I didn't mean to say that Glocks aren't good guns, but I think that this yahoo was saying that because thats what he's heard from their marketing, not from personal experience. I mean ask any Joe sixpacker who has limited experience with firearms about Glocks and they'll say they are great guns. Just the Glock Marketing machine...wish Steyr could match them in marketing.

    I think alot of the guys that work at places like Gandor Mountain have more experience with hunting rifles and shotgun than with pistols.
  14. OK!

    Stery Mannlicher and most of Austria is on vacation right now, but the first post of this thread was on July 29th and its been almost a month. I'm curious any word on whether the Steyr reps are fully trained and on their way back to the US to set-up shop? Any word on our replacement parts?

    Need the Info.
  15. hiramabiff

    hiramabiff Guest

    Have not heard any updates yet. Today is 27th of August 2005.
    Updates... anyone? Please. Thanks