Update on problems with my new Steyr M9 at the range.

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Dobry, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Dobry

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    Returned to the range today, after finding a Wal-Mart some distance away that did have Winchester 115g fmj. Picked up a couple hundred rounds.

    Took 100 rounds and set up targets at 10 yards. Used only the slide catch release to load the 1st round of each clip. This time I had no failures from any of the 1st rounds...


    Had 3 failures out of the 100. Two failures, from the middle of 2 different magazines, I felt and heard the trigger click, but nothing... the firing pin did not fire. No dents in either round's primer. After reloading each of those rounds, they both fired.

    The 3rd failure also occurred in the middle of the magazine, so it also had nothing to do with my operation of the slide. Trigger clicked, nothing. Ejected the round and there was a slight dent in the middle of the primer. From my observation not as "strong" a dent as the spent cartridges I compared it with. After the failures yesterday with the Sellier rounds, I'm beginning to wonder.

    So, I'm wondering if there may in fact be a problem with the Steyr? Gunk from the long storage in Texas I've read about? Possibility of any error on my part?

    I'll clean and lube it again per DAIadvisor's guide, and I'm thinking I'll run thru another 100 sometime this weekend and see if I get any more failures. If so, I expect I'll be sending it to Steyr to check it out, unless you guys have any thoughts or suggestions or are pretty sure this is still operator-error. And I don't feel at all competent to try and disassemble the trigger assembly for cleaning.

    Thanks ahead of time.
  2. Netfotoj

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    Not the usual performance for MA-1s. I have had a grand total of one failure to fire on my M357-A1 out of several hundred rounds and that came on the first range trip when I eased the slide shut by hand. Never again since.

    Try another range trip and if it doesn't sort itself out, give SAI a call. They'll fix it asap.

  3. Syntax360

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    Ya - that doesn't sound right. You may have gotten a lemon and it might be time to let SAI take a look at it. If you're up for it, you can disassemble the slide and check teh firing pin and firing pin channel to make sure there isn't any baked on gunk in there - it's very easy to do.

    And just a note - you should probably begin calling them magazines, not clips. I suspect you are going to get flamed for it pretty hard in short order unless you switch to the proper terminology...
  4. Dobry

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    Hehe, thanks much Syntax for setting me straight... magazines, not clips. I'll edit my post, and won't make that mistake again. :lol:

    I'll look at the disassembly guide on the board about getting to the firing pin and channel. I'm perfectly comfortable field-stripping, but I assumed I'd have to go much farther and disassemble the trigger assembly.
  5. MrApathy

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    make sure the gun is in full battery new steyrs used to have some issues with hanging slightly short of full lockup which can produce light strikers and off center strikes. might want to clean the striker channel out and use little oil in it. 1 oiled qtip will do.
  6. Syntax360

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    Trigger assembly isn't bad, but just leave the bottom assembly be for now. Take the slide off and remove the block in back that holds in the spring and firing pin, etc. Give that a good clean and lube and follow MrA's instructions and report back. :)
  7. RiceCakes

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    You have a good grip? Every once in a while if someone limp wrists mine it will do that. Other than that, I would go with cleaning also.
  8. Dag

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    You might also want to polish the barrel chamber and the breech face. For the chamber, I use a fine grit (600) paper with a little oil, wrapped around a piece of wood dowel. Do just the chamber and try not to round off the front lip, where the cartridge headspaces. I also like to polish the breech face, using the same fine grit paper and oil, wrapped around the squared off end of an ice cream stick. Works pretty well. :) Flush out any remaining oil and grit, re-lube and give it a shot (so to speak) .

  9. zero

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    try giving the magazine a few taps before you load might solve the problem.
    it's a common practice.
  10. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    i'm thinking that tapping the mags is a definite good idea.

    and cleaning the firing pin channel is in order.

    should get you running clean.
  11. Similar problem, fixed itself - Break in period!

    I bought a M40 A-1 and had some concerns that syntax360 helped me out with. Now after 2 months I love the M40. The first 100 rounds I had a few slide hang/ slide open, slide not closing all the way, even had one round that would not fire,,, firing pin was not punching deep enough. I thought Steyr had gone downhill since I own my Steyr GB back in the 80"s.

    I went home, clean and oiled it throughly (per specs) and went back out and cycled 250 rounds through it with only on "stovepipe". I returned home, cleaned and lubed the gun, went back out the next day and cycled 300 rounds through it without any problems.

    Three days a week, I stop on my way to work cycle 3 12 round mags. through it without any problems: for the past several weeks. It is very enjoyable to shoot, the magazines are loose enough to full load by hand now. I would put my life on the line with this gun, however I had doubts the first couple of times out.

    Looking back at my old colt commander lightweights, out of the box before firing one round. I beveled the chamber, polished the throat, tweaked the ejector pin and enlarged on corner of the slide opening a little more before you carried it as a duty gun. The steyr only needed a little break in period.

    I have since fired a Glock, Sig, Beretta, and SW Sigma.... I still favor the Steyr.

    I since acquired a Beretta CX4 .40cal carbine, same problems when fast cycling 20rd. magazine of .40SW 180grain. Good cleaning, proper lubrication and 250 rounds later, it is just fine.

    I hope this helps.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I would take DoubleT view. A good clean and shoot to the 400 round plus mark before drawing any conclusions.