Update on M9 FTE problem...it's worse than ever

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by BTF/PTM, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. BTF/PTM

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    Something is definitely wrong. Put 100 rounds thru it (Winchester white box) yesterday to total 350, along with 200 rounds thru my P220 that has yet to hiccup in the 350 rounds I've put thru it since I got it.

    The M9 is very random...during the session, sometimes it would eat up 3 full magazines without a problem, other times it would jam 5 times in one mag but not the other mag, and other times it would jam going thru both magazines.

    It seems to pull the casing about halfway out of the chamber and then let go, or maybe the casing just moves half way out from the recoil energy. I thought maybe the chamber was too tight, but that's not it; I field stripped it and slipped a round into the chamber and it was plenty loose. Maybe it's a loose extractor spring? The hook moves if I push on it hard enough, but maybe it needs more pressure. I'll contact Steyr tomorrow to discuss the problem. If it's as simple as a loose extractor, the fix should be quick and painless and I can go on having a happy Steyr.
  2. babj615

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    I am sure I read somewhere that they have a new design extractor that grips better....

    Or maybe the spring is binding....

    Either way, this is not typical Steyr performance, and I am SURE SAI will have you up and running in NO TIME.....

    Tell Jack I said hello!!!!

  3. Thunderbear

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    For what it's worth, my M40A1 hates WWB. Takes Silver Bear with nary a hiccup though, go figure. You have, I'm sure, made sure the extractor is clear of debris, blown it out with compressed air, etc?
  4. West01

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    Howdi BTF/PTM,

    I always say ; "either your extractor works or not???". :lol:

    One solution is to put a drop(s) of light oil (like G96 for example) on the extractor area even if it is contrary to manufacturer recommendation. If this work! You need to clean up the extractor, the spring, and the cavity. Something could be binding (mostly powder residue) your extractor and it could freeze it into erratic position?

    Check the portal of the Steyrclub website: a SteyrMeister has great PDF tutorial on how to remove the extractor assy,.

    :roll: But we all know that life is never that simple and what should an easy fix is never the way we like it to be. Replacing a light fixture in an old Victorian house for example..... :wink:

    Something is maybe in the way of your slide motion.....Like for example: the throat of your magazine is to wide and your ammo present itself nose up and rubs on your lower slide wall (bad magazine). Or something is grabbing your recoil spring motion....like a metal or plastic burr or dirt??? Check if your slide move smoothly with our without the magazine. Try some dummy rounds and check if anything grabs or hesitate. Check if the extractor is not rubbing inside its groove...Check if is lube well....

    Sometime in an auto pistol the extractor is perfect but the slide behave badly. The extractor has to let go in the middle of the job.....

    My M9-A1 will take anything! It loves WWB. I use to avoid UMC and S&B....now that it is broke in ...not anymore. But, I prefer PMC or Fiocchi.... they are just cleaner and sharp...

    Good luck! and Cheers!


  5. BTF/PTM

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys :) From what I can tell, the gun does operate and move smoothly, that is to say that there's nothing obviously obstructing motion. The only problem it has is failure to eject, the rest of of the time it works like any gun should. And yes, the extractor has been thoroughly dissected and cleaned and lubed per the write-up on our forum. I'll know more when I talk with the Steyr folks tomorrow. I really really like the feel of this gun in my hand, so hopefully a quick fix will have me hollowing out target centers at the range again soon 8)
  6. steveinaz

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    The extractor claws on the new MA1's seem to be fit very tight. It seems to me that if you disassembled the extractor from the slide, and polish it's sides with some 1000 grit--reducing the tightness slightly--that might be a solution. There seems to be plenty of spring tension.
  7. mugdava

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    Yep, at about 700 rounds or so my M357-A1 started gettin' a bit picky about what it would and would not extract consistantly. It would always go through WWB and Speer, but didn't like Remington UMC among other known offenders. Called up SAI and explained my situation, Jeff said send it in He could remedy it. He put a new Extractor assembly and it's been perfect for the last 3800 rounds!
  8. Wulf

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    Hiya BTF* :)

    What's the date code? May come in handy down the road to other SC member owners. :shock: Whatever, SAI will make it right. Just tell Jack and Jeff wassup and get their "direction" where to go from there. IMHO, ya got nothin' ta loose and everything to gain. G'luck. :)

  9. madecov

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    Send the gun back to SAI. They'll replace the extractor assembly.

    get her fixed and she'll be a great firearm.