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OK...Two more weeks is up, still mo see my M9...Whats up with this, putting in a new extractor, plunger, spring is 30 seconds job, dumping 50rds downrange is 20 mins max.

My patient is running out...

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I spoke with Steyr about a week or so ago.
I was told parts are here in the US but had not been sorted and unpacked. They currently have armorer who works on everything from rifles to pistols.

While the actual repair is fast, the documentation, reporting to the parent company, set up of the shop and all the other little ancillary stuff has not been completed. I would be surprised if all the armorer tools and benches are set up yet.

I know it's tough but give them time. Steyr is starting from scratch here in the states after having product in the field for a few years.

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I sent my M9 in to have the new extractor and spring installed.
I sent it last week on Monday and I received it today, also Monday.
They even test fired it, etc...

What I don't understand is, the plunger looks identical to the two other extractors that I have had.

I thought I was going to get the new rounded extractor, ala the M-A1 series.

I hope it works at the range.

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Whoopie I got it back today...No time to go to the range yet to see if the fix works. But I have the following observations:

1. The M9 was cleaned. They actually clean & lube the M9 prior shipping back to me

2. THe extractor was replaced with non bevel new design, the plunger is not. Maybe the plunger has nothing to do with the problem I have.

3. They put new M9A1 manuals and warranty card in the box.

4. I didn't ship them with my two little keys for the lockdown safety. THey replace two of them inside the box.

5. The four std.cap mag I have, eventhough brand new, they replaced them all just in case the mags had something to do with my shell intheface problem.

6. I also mentioned reset issue, they replaced a new FP spring, guide and the trigger feel more firm (not heavy), just more positive.
I hope it works, will post range report

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Yup, very positive customer service experience, me likey...

I might just have to shelf my USP compact purchase and buy a M9A1 :)

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30 degress out and I have to take the M9 out to see if the problem is fixed....

Put 25 rds thru it and not one shell in the face, not even one... and every shell is predictable. The M9 spits them out about three ft at 3 o'clock.

I was VERY happy. :D

Now some more observations:

1. The new extractor hold the shell closer (perfect) against the breech face whereas, the original extractor leaves a pretty good gap and the shell back then wiggled around against the breech face. Maybe the original extr. was design for the .40 and they didn't change it for the 9mm.

2. I think, could be wrong, they restamped the barrel hood rt side with a "S1" next to all the proof marks and cal. info. The underside of the slide also stamped "0". I didn't remember them being there.

I'm very happy with the M9 now and it's a keeper.

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I forgot to mention...the trigger now is consistant... not 5# here and 8# next and back to 5# again and then doesn't feel like it ever want to let go next.

The new FP guide and spring is working good.
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