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Update 12/7...Steyr fixed my shell in the face problem

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Many have read my post before abbout my M9 "shell in the face" extraction problem I have that nothing seem to help. I send it to Steyr about 2 weeks ago and they have been working on it since then.

I called a few times to check on the progress, so far they had replace a few parts, the problem still exist. They change to different mags, the problem was not solved.

Last Sunday, they had the engineer from Austria here in the U.S. and Alan brought to his attention about my M9. He told him that my plunger is backward. Now my plunger is installed with the small bevel outward the same way many of us believe how its supposed to be install, as in the tutorial on this forum. I was kinda surprised and I told Alan that all of us here on this forum believes thats how it goes. He said it should be the other way around. He told me he would shoot it that afternoon (Tuesday) and see if the problem is fixed.

Well, this is Friday, and I have not seen my M9 in the mail yet, I will wait till Monday afternoon, if its not here, I will call him on next Tues. and see about the hold up.
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I sent my M9 in to have the new extractor and spring installed.
I sent it last week on Monday and I received it today, also Monday.
They even test fired it, etc...

What I don't understand is, the plunger looks identical to the two other extractors that I have had.

I thought I was going to get the new rounded extractor, ala the M-A1 series.

I hope it works at the range.
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