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Update 12/7...Steyr fixed my shell in the face problem

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Many have read my post before abbout my M9 "shell in the face" extraction problem I have that nothing seem to help. I send it to Steyr about 2 weeks ago and they have been working on it since then.

I called a few times to check on the progress, so far they had replace a few parts, the problem still exist. They change to different mags, the problem was not solved.

Last Sunday, they had the engineer from Austria here in the U.S. and Alan brought to his attention about my M9. He told him that my plunger is backward. Now my plunger is installed with the small bevel outward the same way many of us believe how its supposed to be install, as in the tutorial on this forum. I was kinda surprised and I told Alan that all of us here on this forum believes thats how it goes. He said it should be the other way around. He told me he would shoot it that afternoon (Tuesday) and see if the problem is fixed.

Well, this is Friday, and I have not seen my M9 in the mail yet, I will wait till Monday afternoon, if its not here, I will call him on next Tues. and see about the hold up.
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That's interesting.
That would mean all of the M series guns were assembled wrong from the factory.
Can this be confirmed? Your saying the large bevel is supposed to face out rather than the small bevel.

My M has the small bevel out and hasn't thrown any brass at me in a while. Ejection is a bit close to me though.
This is last tues, and I have not seen my gun yet. I will call if I still don't see it on Mndy. Now, this is what Alan said, I'm really have reservation about it. It just kinda doesn't make sense?
Not sure if it makes sense or not.......interesting.

Honestly, what I would do is ask if they would install the plunger from the new MA1. The nose of the new plunger is rounded, eliminating any chance of incorrect orientation, and - IMHO - reducing excess friction between the claw & plunger.

I have had no extraction issues or erratic brass in my M9 or S9 since break-in; they eject just fine. However, the new design just sounds better to me, and I plan on purchasing a new assembly for both pistols once they are easily available.

Perhaps they'd be willing to install the new style for you, which should eliminate your problems.

I'm a little shocked that the tech would not suggest this on his own......
I would have thought that any parts replacement would be with newer updated assemblies.
From what Alan told me from two separate phone calls, they had done the following:

1 Change out extraction related parts

2. Use diferent mags of their own (I included my 4 std cap along with it)

3. Turn the plunger the other way around.

Then there could be one more possiblilty...They might have put the plunger back in the wrong way when they changed it out. Remember this was done a week brfore the Austrian got here. So the engineer actually was seeing a plunger put in the wrong way by them, not us here at SteyrClub. I'm not saying they don't know anything, but hey, accident happens and learning curve and all.

Hope they fix it or I'm selling. As it stands, the M9 is only good for occasion plinkering holding it gangsta style, hell, I can do it playing my PSP GTA.
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The brass in the face is not an extraction problem it is an ejection problem. The ejector is very short on the M's. If the next round in the magazine shifts slightly forward it clears the slide and pops up into the brass before it reaches the ejector causing it to eject upward instead of to the right. The reason the problem goes away after a few hundred rounds is the mag springs weaken and the slide smooths out causing it to move faster. If the ejector was 1/6" to 1/8" longer it would completely cure the problem.
Wow, sounds like your Steyr is getting alot of top-notch attention...they called in an engineer from Austria to look at your pistol...WOW.

What ever the reason, whatever the outcome is awesome to see Steyr going to such lengths to fix the problem and make a customer happy.
One thing to consider is that, Steyr pulled out of the US market shortly after the M was introduced.

As such the M did not get all the actual in field testing that other handguns have had. Steyr was hoping the weapon would be successful in the LEO market.

It definatly behooves Steyr to get some of the folks who really know the gun over here now that they have a service facility and study some weapons that have actual field use. Who knows maybe we'll be seeing an MA2 series with some internal changes.

Funny thing is my A1 never threw any brass back at me from the first round.
i've heard people say the bevel goes this and the bevel goes that way ...

my personal experience has been the neither of my steyrs gave a crap. regardless of bevel orientation, both guns extract and eject beautifully and neither throws brass at me.

i personally run mine with the small bevel out because it still moves well with light finger pressure and i "feel" like the extractor has a better grip on the rim.

but nothing bad has happened with the big bevel out.
The engineer was here to visit the new facility, not just to see my problematic M9...but that was funny though.

That actually would be consider an extraction problem, all along the feeling from the Steyr people is that some how the extractor is losing tension during the extraction and cause the spend shell to ejected random pattern. Ejector elongation might help, but you also run into a timing problem. You do not want the shell to start its rightward spin before it clears the chamber. This in itself will lead to another kind of ejection failure.

I actually tried to bend the lips on one of my std cap mag just to close it enough so the next round up would not be in the etraction pathway, but it didn't help.

I look at my Glock, SiGs, XDs, 1911s, CZs, they all somehow have the next round up tip in its way of the extracting shell to some degree, but all these others didn't have any problem like my M9. So then its back to a weak extractor, maybe its angle, or a defective claw, who knows?

I really want to know how the A1 is different from the original. Is the extrractor cut angle differently? what about the claw and spring. I know the plunger is diff. what about the length? if the length is longer, it might add some preload to the spring and make more tension.
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Last feeling during our conversation is that my M9 is causing them some headache :(
Good to hear from you, Big T, did you ever get the spring to try it out?
Interesting thread. I have an M9 and an S9 with erratic ejections.
The M9 is not as bad but has more rounds through it.

I've had two shells go straight up and bounce
off the top of the slide. 8O

Looking for a cure...

Update...called them today and Alan told me that he is going the new design extractor route on my M9. so apparently the plunger orientation didn't work!

He said two weeks to get it back to me. This is going to be 5 weeks total.
Unfortunatly, I think your part of the learning curve. Don't really sweat it as they appear to be attempting to get it right.
I glad to be part of the learning curve, maybe I will be their beta tester for the AUG A3 sometime in the future :lol:
Steyr would be smart to review this sight from time to time to see the issues that arise in their M-series to tweak their next generation design.
we know Steyr does watch this sight.
Let us know how the new extractor works out for you.

Maybe we can get some of the new design on the black market...

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