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    Hopefully someone on here can help me ID a rifle I got for Christmas. Or at least point me in the direction of how I could find out more information on it. It's an old bolt action. I'm guessing a carbine because it's rediculously lighter than the 1903A3 I have back home but it has "Steyr 1909" printed on the left of the reciever and "Modell 1903" on the top of the reciever. There are countless other markings on the rifle and it has the weirdest sight configuration I've seen. There are 5 numbered rear sights and taking a guess 1-5 refer to 1-5 hundred meters. The stock only extends about two inches past the rear sight. Stamped on the barrel is what looks like "6.5 /m". I'ld appreciate any info you could give me. Thanks for your time.

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    Those links led me to a rifle that has a similar reciever group and bolt but still not quite the correct firearm. The stock, barrel, and sights are quite a bit different. If anyone thinks they might know of the rifle I have, I'ld be happy to email them a copy of the pictures.