Uncle Mike's Swivel Install on a Rem 7400 Synthetic Stock?

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    Hey Gang :D

    Just got a Rem 7400 and it came with an Uncle Mike's QD Superswivel kit, 1171-2. Its not mounted and I was wondering if ya just go at the install as if the synthetic stock were wood. The pkg has instructions for mounting the bases, but there isn't any reference to synthetic stocks. The forestock install is a no-brainer and all ya gotta do is unscrew the forestock screw in the end and replace it with the one in the pkg and add a spacer, which is also included in the kit. And, if the stock were wood, I'd have already had it installed. <shrug> But, I'm not sure if there is more to the rear swivel base for installation in a synthetic stock. Anybody know the answer for this quandry? I already emailed Uncle Mike's website asking, but have yet to receive any reply. I guess they're all out huntin'. :roll: Oh well, thanx for readin'. Hava great weekend.