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Uncle Mike's Sidekick Sz-15

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This is the Uncle Mike's Sidekick Size-15
Said to fit 3-1/2--4-1/2 barrel large autos, open end.

Paid $14.25

I just needed a basic holster until I decide what I want to spend some real money on. The M9 fits well in this holster, initially very tight, but once it spent the night in it, it has loosened up to just a nice snug fit. It does ride rather high on the hip, and I suggest a wide belt be used.

You will notice in one of the pics, my successful yet un-graceful attempt to correct this holsters one deficency. I was unable to get a nice grip on the draw, so I broke out the needle and thread and pulled the lip back a bit to let my finger get up under the trigger guard on the draw. Worked out great, I will be pulling those stitches out and re-doing it with some stronger black thread.

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World your photos look great!! What type of camera are you using, and what type of light source?
I've been using a "GunMate" size 12 since I bought my M9, and until I get my leather from Fist.

It's a fine range holster. Ambidextrous, has a clip and belt-through attachment. I also like that it has a magazine pouch in the front. Same thing as an Uncle Mike's, basically.

The size 12 is a little large for the M (and the S, too), as it is designed for 4" to 5" autos. The size 10 might be better fit. But it suits me fine until I get my Fist, and I might order the Kydex paddle direct from Steyr also.
sturmruger said:
World your photos look great!! What type of camera are you using, and what type of light source?

2.2 mega/pixel HP something or other, light is natural from a picture window in my living room. Background is of course one of the pillows off my couch.
If anybody is looking for an Uncle Mike's, check eBay. I bought two IWB holsters (size 5 and 15) for less than $3 each. In fact, I paid more for shipping on each of them than I did for the holster! If you look around, you can probably find a good deal.

(And if you're considering the IWB - forget it. They're about useless. I might keep one to use as a "pouch" if I have a gun out, but for concealed carry you'd be better off with a string holster! Sounds like the OWB works a whole lot better.)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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