Uhhh...ya gotta love Ted!!!

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  1. Wulf

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    Dayam, Bros!

    Totally enthused by Uncle Ted!!!

    ....even before "Catch Scratch Fever"! :thumbsup:


    Almost past-time ta get involved, SC Bros?! :cool:

    Wulf <-- thinkin', "Ted, Bro!...I'm not worthy...." [​IMG]
  2. EarlyBronco

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    Gotta love the Nug!
    I believe he hit the bull with every shot!!!
    My only question is;
    If they're going to ban guns when are they going to ban cars?!?!
    I mean, how many idiots have driven into school playgrounds, take all the these anti-guns idiot's cars away and see how they like they're rights violated!
    Maybe they just want the economy destroyed further (?)
    Many firearm (like AR only) business' and employees will be out of work/out of business as well.

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