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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hihoslva, Aug 23, 2005.

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    Even though my wife's birthday is not for almost another 2 weeks, I just couldn't keep it from her anymore. She's a bit of a revolver freak, so I bought her her first wheelgun for her birthday - A Taurus 905ss - and gave it to her a few days ago.

    It's a 2" barrel, stainless revolver chambered in 9mm. I was so sick of having to always buy rounds that cost twice as much as the nines. I love being able to cheaply feed my Steyrs, and wanted her to join me. Now we can share those nice WWB ValuePaks.

    It's a nice little weapon. We took it out and fired off at least 100 rounds a couple of days ago, and it performed flawlessly. Since the 9mm is a rimless cartridge, the pistol uses moon clips. The clips are not necessary to use the gun - but the ejector does nothing without the clip installed. Not a huge deal to shake the empty cases loose, but it is easier just to use the moon clips and push the ejector rod. Oddly enough, varied brands of rounds fit the moon clips differently. The JHP's I have at home fit loosely, making it a little tricky to load the clip and then load the cylinder. But luckily, WWB (what we will undoubtedly shoot the most) fits snugly into the clips with a good "snap", and loading is a breeze.

    The gun has a good kick with standard 115grn FMJ rounds like WWB. I can honestly say that my hand was hurting some at the end of firing a few cylinders-full, as well as at the end of the day, but the pain went away quickly. No permanent injury :). The gun is surprisingly accurate for such a little 2" barrel. I was able to hold sub-3" groups at 10 yards with ease one-handed, single action mode (cocking the hammer manually). Trigger is SWEET with the hammer cocked. Double action of course has a heavier trigger pull, but it's not unmanageable. My wife is a little thing, and she didn't have much problem pulling it back at all. I question her accuracy in DA, but hey - close-quarters self-defense is when that comes into play. For plinking, cock the hammer and have fun.

    Build quality seems excellent, and I paid a little over $300 NIB. Now the hunt begins for holsters; wondering if plastic or kydex holsters made for other Taurus wheelguns will fit this fairly-new 9mm model. Guess I'll just have to test-fit & see.




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    I was shooting a 10mm revolver over the weekend....think it was a Dan Wesson, belongs to my fiance's uncle...nice gun, shoots both 10mm and .40SW, but it hurts to shoot the thing....a lot more bite than my Gp-100 and not nearly the padding on the grip.