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Hope you're gonna answer me PDQ on this, BT cause here's what I'm wantin':

1) Trigger Job
2) Black Captured Stainless Steel Guide Rod

Whata I gotta do to send my new S9-A1 to ya and get it back "BT Tweaked"? I mean it was hard enough to get my M357-A1 stripped down to do the actual polishin' on the trigger parts, but to get it back together and functionin' properly, that was a whole different story. Lots o' Steyrclub members probably have the aptitude and manual dexterity to do it right, but it'd be much more to my likin' to just send ya the trigger ass'y and get it back "done". What's it worth to ya? I'm serious as a heart attack, Bro. :shock: I'd work an xtra day in the week to have my trigger pull smooth and reduced and me not havin' to dick with it. Pm me with the cost TMD. (81122) If I gotta sign a waiver, send me the fuckin' thing and I'll sign it...I'll be your Huckleberry.

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