Truly impressed with my M40-A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Nailbanger, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Nailbanger

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    I wanna start by saying I freaking love this pistol!!! So far I've put around 1800 rounds of American Eagle 180grain and not one issue... Maybe it's my OCD about having a clean pistol but I clean it after every range day (200-300 rounds)... Pistol is amazingly accurate and target acquisition is amazing.... Why are the shelves of every gun shop not filled with theses ?? At least here in Canada... Anyway super stoked about Steyr and will buy more when I can find them ... Cheers from Sask Canada
  2. Talyn

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    glad you like your pistol

    These are great guns, but you don't see them because it's not a well known brand anymore.

    To out-shadowed by Glock, S&W and Sig as well as other brands.

    Even in that aspect, diamond in the rough would be the best explanation.

    Hopefully we don't have to worry about any of this here in the US and I can still get my c9-a1 to Hickok45 this summer and then 100's of thousands will learn about Steyr.

  3. stvan

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    I read a little about the brand but it was not on my short list. Now today I went to see if the LGS had a CZ P-01 and it didn't so just for the heck of it I started to look for a Steyr. They had two a M40 and a S40, no nines and just the guns on display nothing in stock or on order. So I played with both of them and fell for the M40-A1. It felt awesome and has the sweetest trigger next to my Springer 1911A1 Loaded and I have a lot of guns to compare it to. It followed me home and tomorrow it is going to the range with me.
    They probably don't sell more because they are not the prettiest gun on the shelf, and dealers probably have a higher markup on the Glocks and S&W etc. You have to dig a little to find out about a Steyr, kinda like the CZ brand, jewels for those of us in the know.
  4. ETH77

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    Amen! I bought two of the older M40-A1s from CDNN never having handled them because the price of $339 was just too good to pass up. Mine were NIB, and part of the blowout that the original Steyr distributor did when the company was sold. I had to remove cosmoline from inside the slide and other spots to get to the glass smooth feel, but as you can tell, it was worth the effort. It got me into DIY gunsmithing, so now I've got an SAO 75B .40 with a competition hammer, and a smooth as glass S&W 627 4" .357.