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The TR24 is an amazing optic. The green triangle is one of my favorites. I had one on my A3. It truly is a SHTF capable optic. Not the latest or greatest but definitely capable and so lightweight. It’s perfect on so many rifles and particularly a bullpup. Since then I have moved up to a TR25 green mil and for the past few years an Accupower 1-8 mil. The TR24 resides on an AR now. It’s such a good optic I only add them on and move them to other sticks never sold any of them. The green triangle is very fast at 1x and surprisingly accurate at distance.
Sleeve Font Parallel Circle Diagram

At 4x the bottom of the triangle is approximately 354 yards.

Slope Font Parallel Circle Measuring instrument

At 400 you hold on the shoulders
At 450 you give him a little hat.

This is calibrated with 69 grain ammo and there are other variables but you get the picture.
Great reticle if you know your rifle and ammo.
As I age the red dots are being replaced by LPVO’s and the TR24 is definitely at the top of the list.

You’ll want the Steyr springs and the TSM of you haven’t already gotten them and learn to adjust the trigger linkage. Then reaching out will be a lot easier. You have an awesome set up. Enjoy!
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