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Is it true the the new A1 pistols have an upgraded trigger and that we can send ours in for a change?
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Dry firing must be an ongoing controversy...I don't think most modern handguns will be hurt from dry firing.... I've heard Sig does not recommend it....but a glock or steyr should be OK........but as sure as I'm writing this, someone will come back with the opposite advise. :lol:
Boy, I agree with the Chef.....nothing will ever come really close to the 1911 for anything !!!!!!! I think every red blooded american male should get a 1911 as a right of passage !!!!!! I'm dumping all of my double/single handguns for the single action/glock type triggers....too difficult to switch between the two and shoot well........I think that HK now has what they call "Combat Action" trigger......I think that is a Glock like (or should I say Steyr like :lol: ) trigger system..

Speaking of Steyr triggers, does anyone know ways of working on the Steyr triggers??? I do Glock triggers routinely and smooth them out nicely.........but I'm not sure of the Steyr' M40 is a little rough, but my M9 is just right........
that trigger looks pretty much where mine is on both 9 and 40.....I contacted Steyr about the trigger and they told me that the triggers that needed work were the older ones and if i bought one recently it was probably already fixed at the factory.....the manufacture on mine is 2002.....and they are fine.....check your date of manufacture.....
Take the slide off and a small dial with an arrow will point to the year the gun was made. It is toward the front of the pistol where the guide rod sits............sorry, haven't had my coffee yet....this is poor guide instructions, but you'll find it......get a magifying glass.....
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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