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  1. midtnshooter

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    Hey All,

    Due to safety issues, I may not "F" with the trigger lbs., but is the distance of the travel adjustable, or is it all relevant?

    My trigger travel (without a tool) is right at 1/8" from the safety trigger break till the discharge.

    What would ya'll do to lessen the "abrasive feel/creep" of the final 1/8". When I pull the trigger slowly, it is slow and drags. I have cleaned the trigger assembly, but is it a polishing issue?

    Thank you,
  2. bigtaco

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    you won't likely run into a safety issue by decreasing the trigger pull weight if done by using a lighter striker spring.

    the problem with that will be light primer hits/ failure to fire.

    the safety concern would be more likely if you were to adjust the relationship between the sear/post and firing pin tang. any modification here could allow the firing pin to release from the sear resulting in an accidental/negligent discharge.

    the last 1/8th travel smoothness is purely a polishing concern and can be effectively be smoothed out using the "trigger tune up" tutorial on the home page.

  3. heavymetalmachine

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    Thanks to the write up on the home page by BT I found that after all the polishing bending the last spring made it a whole new gun!!!!
  4. bigtaco

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    when i was told about that modification, it took me a long time to wrap my head around how it would affect the trigger pull.

    but once i figured it out and tried it for myself, MAN!!! what a difference.

    the transition from "take-up" to actual trigger pull is completely transparent. and the trigger pull becomes one smooth increase in tension without a step defining the end of the take-up.

    i'm glad you had good results with it.