Trigger Tamer: The Cure for the AUG Trigger Blues!

Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by Guest, Mar 30, 2005.

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    A month after release of this long-awaited product, we are pleased to report happy feedback on this drop-in part that gives the user a choice between the original pull weight, and two lighter options (typically 9, 7, and 5 pounds.)

    The Trigger Tamer part is now featured in the actual "Die Hard AUG", whose owner asked us to install the part. (We have seen the documentation showing its transfers dating back to Stembridge in Hollywood.)
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    So are you saying that the stock Aug trigger is kind of stiff and this new trigger helps.

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    Exactly. The website provide much more detail, but the part offers the choice of two lighter trigger weights, which can be a real benefit.
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    I email this company with some questions. WEEKS later, no reply. Sent a follow-up email. Nothing. Only when I emailed them of my disappointment in their customer service, did I get a reply. They blamed it on their spam filter. But then, if they did not get my first emails, because of the filter, how/why were they able to receive the last one?

    Told one friend about the tamer, he ordered one, paid through pay-pal. Weeks went by, nothing. After several inquiries with no response, and only after sending them and email wanting either the tamer or his money back, did he get a reply. They sent the tamer out quickly then.

    On the other hand, I had a couple of other friends that ordered one, and received them right away. They are happy as punch. They both said that it does help the trigger pull.

    I understand that this company is relatively new, and there could be some bugs that need to be worked out. Just relating personal (and friends) experiences with them, both good and not so good. Too bad, I would have liked to try the tamer. Take this post for what you will.
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    Pickenup's letter is accurate. A month ago, I wrote to him apologizing for losing his letter, and for the delay in shipping to his friend (the only time either of these has happened). Those are the exceptions, and not the rule. We have gotten lots of great feedback for our parts and service (European customers even getting parts within a week!)

    Even though we are very small, and not a full-time business, we generally ship out by the next day. Of course, when the boss takes a vacation, shipments stop (these are announced on the website as needed.)

    We are just AUG enthusiasts who had a good idea that we though was worth sharing. We'll never be perfect in any respect, but we have a good time trying, and our customers are universally delighted that we took the time from our day jobs to "cure the AUG Trigger Blues."
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    Lightens your AUG trigger

    We have just released our improved Trigger Tamer, which provides a smoother, lighter Steyr AUG trigger. The new Delrin material is even stronger and slicker than before. Our website is revamped, with some fun discussion, and customer reviews.

    This is now being released to the press, so watch for reviews in major publications.

    Now, your AUG or USR rifle can actually be FUN to shoot!
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    Personally, I never found the AUG's trigger all that bad. Quite the opposite in fact. Especially compared to my HK91A3.
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    You really should give the Trigger Tamer a try and see what a difference reducing to 6 pounds from 9 makes.

    With our full refund guarantee, you have 60 days to decide whether you like it. Of course, we have never had a single return for refund, so I am confident you will keep it. Check out the customer comments at the website.

    Incidentally, I agree about the stock HK91 trigger. However, that can easily be remedied by sending your trigger pack off to for the standard $65 dollar job. It is THE "must-have" HK9x upgrade. It makes the PSG trigger a pointless expense.

    But you really owe it to yourself and your AUG to try an improved, lighter trigger the way lots of us think it was meant to be.