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Trigger Reset

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Well, my M40 was not resetting well. Something that occassionally happened but not often. Suddenly it was happening more. So I took switched frames and slides and determined that it was the frame/sub frame problem. Taking the gun apart, I was anticipating a big repair job (thanks bigtaco) and checked first for cleanliness. I was surprised to find a messy buildup of greasey stuff ( probably from long storage prior to purchase). I applied some TC-11 (good stuff) and reunited the parts. Five minutes later the pistol was operating perfectly...........

My point being thanks to bigtaco's tech writings......and to the administrators and contributing moderators for this site. I've been checking out the Glock and Sig forums and find them a little "stuffed" compared to our Steyr site. This site is easy to navigate and concise..... GREAT JOB GUYS
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i'm glad your pistol works again!! :lol:

i just got to say,

deluxe... this site rocks.
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