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allrighty then.

check out the diagram in the back of your manual. 27,28,and 25 are all one assembly that is held in the sub-frame by pin number 29.

you can see one other hole in part number 25 and that is the hole that #26 slides through.

spring number 28 hangs off the forward (muzzle) end of #25.

as far as i can tell, the only purpose of #28 is to hold the manual safety engagement lever #26 in the gun via the little notch in it which the spring rides in.

the notch is cut into the lever #26, and is the little perpendicular line in the drawing.

with the paper clip, you pull up on the exposed end of spring #28 to get the spring out of the notch in #26. while pulling up, start the lever out of the frame in either direction by pushing on it with your finger.

now you can let go of the paper clip because the notch is no longer holding the lever in. use a little screwdriver or punch to lightly push it the rest of the way out.

part 27 is just the white piece of plastic that acts as an indicator.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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