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  1. Garatshay

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    Out today for some training work with my L9A1. It's a May 2013 model with rollpin and loaded chamber indicator.

    I've put about 150 rounds through it before today. After about four magazines, I encountered a malfunction where the trigger would not function. Action fully in battery. Round chambered.

    At home, suspecting dirt somewhere, when I dismantled the upper assembly, including removing the backplate (42) a circlip was noticed sitting free. I suspect that it is the item shown on the exploded diagram as (37). Could not see any way to re-locate it - and believe me, I tried.

    Anybody know how that could be done - whether the absence will affect anything but operation of the loaded chamber indicator.

    Is it possible that this item could affect the trigger function ? Having given everything a good clean, I will be checking the gun out again tomorrow.
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  2. Grapevine

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    It could be the C-clip from the striker assembly. It's used to keep the striker spring captive and under tension. If it is that C-clip that fell out, then it means that the striker spring is loose in the assembly and the striker can't do its job when the trigger is pulled. So it wouldn't be a problem with the trigger so much as a problem with the striker.

    This video from BT Guide Rods shows how it fits in the striker assembly. Though the video is for replacing it with BT's Striker bushing, it does give you an understanding of how things fit in the striker assembly and how to put that C-clip back on (reverse of how you take if off that's shown in the video).
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  3. Russ H.

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    I replaced my C Clip with BT's striker bushings, 500 rds of flawless operation since. Much better.
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  4. Garatshay

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    Thank you Grapevine and Rush H. Helpful comments. No, it's not the retainer from the firing pin. I've replaced that with the BT bushings. The gun has been just fine without that clip - and I still suspect that it was somehow involved with retention of the loaded chamber indicator spring. Good news is that I don't worry about that and the gun functions just fine now.
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