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Yeah, well, kinda.

It's triangular. But it's not the same. I think that a sight system such as that might be pretty accurate, but not very fast.

The advantage of the Steyr system is that the base of the triangle and the base of the trapezoidal notch in the rear sight are both extremely wide compared to traditional post/notch sights. This means the front sight is visible through the rear sight through a MUCH wider range of motion.

What leads to fast follow-up shots in any pistol is the ability of the shooter to quickly line up the sights again. With post/notch, the front sight easily disappears completely, leaving the shooter to "hunt" for it. But the tri/trap Steyr sights, the front sight can be far more out-of-alignment, yet still be partially seen. Being able to see just a small part of the front sight tells the shooter where gun is aimed, and which direction to move to correct it.

All of this happens in a split-second, of course.

Those Glock triangle sights are novel, and probably pretty cool to use. But I don't think they compare to the Steyr system.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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