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Having just seen this website and looked at the sights, allow me to add my opinion. I am completely unimpressed. These sights are unsuitablle for target shooting and they are lfar ess than ideal for personal defense.

First, one of the rules of defensive shooting is "Front Sight". The Steyr factory front sight excels at this due to the prominent white triangle. The factory Stey rear sight adds to this by having small angled bars to outline the front sight in certainlighting conditions. This sight has a small red "diamond" that is neither visually compelling in its shape, color, or placement in the sight picture. The rear sight is far more compelling due to its perceived size and the use of a higher visibility color. This will handicap a veteran shooter and perplex a rookie shooter.

For target shooting, this sight allows no precision. There is no visual border between the front sight and the rear sight. With no visual reference between the sights, the shooter cannot accurately ascertain elevation/windage errors. The shooter must rely on the perception of color orientation against the contrasting color.

I have been a firearms instructor for over nine years in my current job and based on what I have observed on the website, I would recommend against them for anything other that casual plinking.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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