Treasure trove of war photos found

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    Ever seen this photo before? It's perhaps the most famous war photograph ever taken, showing a Spanish soldier as he falls to a bullet during the Spanish Civil War, a "warmup" war launched by Hilter prior to WWII.

    It's by Robert Capa, the most famous war photographer ever, and a whole treasure trove of his lost photos has been found in Mexico City of all places. This is exciting stuff for photo nuts like me. He was one of my heroes who inspired me to go into photojournalism after I got out of service. I never went to war as a photographer, just a common sailor on a destroyer in Vietnam. Here's Capa using a video camera. Here's the story in the New York Times.

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    John my friend, you are hurting my career and my relationship with my family. You keep submitting interesting stories and I am not doing what is required of me. For any of you readers have not taken the time to look at John's website, it's worth the time invested. I love stories like this. I too love photography and all that is involved. Video distroyed the mind and imagination. When you read a story your mind can create the best of pictures. The photo is a canvas like a artist/painter. Some of my best photos were by accident, some photos tooks weeks (literally) to finish.

    Thank you John.

    As for the "weeks" statement, I had a graveyard with a beautiful statue. I visited it in the morning light, during a rain storm and when the sun sat. My final shot was when a train was coming down the tracks (after 09/11 and I was lookng at a flag) and it's lights casted a shadow across the military garvesite that was accidental, but yet took way to much time. This photo now belongs to a thug who broke into my truck and stole my laptop. I now back up regularly to my server.

    Again, Thx.