Traction grips for Steyr pistols

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by 45MINK, Oct 16, 2011.

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    These are different from decal grip . They fit better and are much thinner. Best of all they fit my C9-A1 . I bought the grips for a MX-A1 originally. When I got them they covered the Steyr logo on the sides . So 1 phone call later I sent him my frame and he made a set for the C9-A1 and got my frame back to me 2 days later. I have a set on my wife's SR9c and she love's them. I was surpised when getting them . They are a different feel from either type of a decal grip , not rough not spongy . Just perfect in my opinion. here are some pics the owner of traction grips posted after making mine for a C9-A1 . hONESTLY THEY ARE WORTH A TRY !!! IMAG0183[1].jpg IMAG0184[2].jpg IMAG0185[2].jpg you can view his products at
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    Dude, just burn your grips with a soldering grip and the cheapest. Anything with adhesive eventually slides.