Took the S-40 out to the range for the first time

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by DougK, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. DougK

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    I had plinked a few rounds with it but never shot it at the range. All I can say is

    Sweet :lol:

    It is no longer for sale... :lol:

    I had one FTF which I attribute to the way I charged the pistol. I used the soft charge (I slowly let the slide back) vs letting the slide do its job and fully seat the round. So I attribute that to operator error. :oops:
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    You fall in love with the little guy before I can get the money together to buy it :p

    Oh, I may be getting some money for my S40 that was stolen ... I just discovered that if you're an NRA member you automatically have $1000 insurance on your guns 8-O

    So I'm making a claim (and just under the wire too ... gun was stolen on Aug 15th and you only have 90 days to make a claim!).

    I still contend that the S pistols are better shooters than the Ms.

    Now get yourself a good IWB holster and make it your daily CCW piece :)

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    I had to return two S40s before I went to, and stayed with the S9. The S40s would have a firing pin smear on the primer, some smears going all the way to the outer edge of the case rim. Since I felt this would cause excess wear on the firing pin, I went to and kept the nine.

    Have you noticed any such markings on your fired brass from your's?

  5. DougK

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    The markings on the casings are the same with the S 40 as the M 357.

    But that is a great question for a new post.