To those who have replaced their trapezoids...

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  1. kirkcdl

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    If any of you have replaced the trapezoid sights,I'd like to get 2 or 3 sets to try on some of my other guns.If you'd like to sell them for a reasonable price,please email [email protected] Thanks in advance...
  2. Wulf

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    Hiya kirk* :)

    I've tried the tri-traps on a Springfield Champ LW. They worked OK, but the width of the back sight was greater than the slide width. <shrug> Something you may want to consider. The dovetail for the slide had to be cut out for the front sight and shimmed at the rear dovetail for the back sight. I did hafta go to a center POI hold rather than the 6:00. Here's a pic.

    Contact Jack Riddle, SAI for pricing and availability.

    SAI Contact Info:

    The service center
    Steyr Arms, INC.
    5977 Steeplechase Blvd.
    Cumming, Ga. 30040
    Phone number 770-888-4201

    Office info:

    Steyr Arms, INC.
    P.O.Box 2609
    Cumming, GA 30028
    Email: [email protected]

    Good luck and post your pics. Cya.


  3. kirkcdl

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    Thanks,Wulf,that looks really nice.I just got a Taurus Mil-Pro 140,and it comes from Taurus with Heinie Straight Eights,for me,those are the worst possible sight picture.I've found that,out of all my handguns,I shoot my Steyr the most accurately in rapid fire,and since the new Taurus Pro guns have dovetailed sights it'd be pretty easy to adapt the trapezoids to fit.I just looked at the 140 and the top of the slide is pretty flat,I'll have to go to the safe and compare slide widths between the Taurus and the Steyr.Thanks for the heads-up and contact info.I don't suppose you know approximately what the Steyr sights cost,do you?Thanks again...
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    Currently out of stock w/ Steyr, but normally Tri-trap sights run about $12.00 plus shipping for the set! I'm also very happy w/ Tri-trap sights. :D