To this date I have NEVER shot a finer pistol than my S40

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    I will be honest I was concerned about getting another 40 S&W after my Glock but someone local had an S40 for sale at a great price and I decided to jump on it. The trip to the range I kept going over about how my Glock felt with the 40 and was wondering even before I shot it if I had made a good choice buying it or not. All I can say is the S40 is a BAD MOFO. I REALLY like it and I shot it WELL. It was hard to put it down to shoot my S9 as every time I was shooting my S9, I kept on wanting to go back to the 40 which was the complete opposite with my Glock (Couldn't wait to put it down)The new 40 DID have some oomph to it but ti was pleasant and I could feel the power it possessed. It was really weird shooting the 40 then going back to the S9 because after shooting 20 rds of 40 the 9mm felt like a 380. There were no hiccups out of either of my pistols tonight NONE and both performed flawlessly. I definitely recommend doing some of the maintenance tweaks especially polishing the striker so it glides over the roll pin with ease, mine was horribly tight in the striker chamber when it hit that roll pin but now it is as smooth as butter. I loved my S9 when I got it in hand but this S40 is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
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    When I purchased my M40-A1 the 9mm version was not available even orderable, and not wanting to wait I got the 40 cause it was just a half inch bigger than the S and fit my hand a little better. I was just a little worried because I also have a Glock G22 40S&W but because I was not comfortable with it I switched to a 357 Sig barrel and must say it shoots much better for me now.
    The Steyr 40 S&W is very pleasant to shoot, accurate and dependable. I still want a 9mm vesion maybe a C9-A1 or if one is not available a M9-A1 , but there is no hurry now.

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    LOL stvan :)

    Untill ya try the 357 SIG compared to a 9MM Luger or a 40 SW in the same pistole model, you'll never know the comfort, accuracy an' power involved aspect!

    Q: How come ya think ya can't get M357-A1's?! A: Cause SPL Forces an' LEO's get 'em first, then there's nothin' left over for the Civilian Mkt. <shrug>

    FYI. :thumbsup:

    Wulf <-- hadda lotta Steyr M* an' S* models but never givin' up 'is M357-A1...unless he's gotta go subsonic...then its back ta a 45 ACP :thumbsup: