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  1. Large S

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    So, I was showing my new M9-A1 to my friends the other day and they both started laughing. Then, one of them said "It's a man licker!" They laughed for a good long while.

    This made me think that sales of Steyr products in the U.S.A. would likely surge if the word MANNLICHER was left off all products bound the US market.

    Lots of guys want a gun that is a reflection of their unique personality and the do not wan't to be made fun of as a mannlicher.

    What do you think? Has anyone else had this same thing happen?
  2. madcow19

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    Sounds like you might need some new friends! :)

    The Mannlicher name comes from one of the early Steyr engineers that helped form the reputation and innovation that the company holds to this day. Dropping it would be dropping more than a century of history and pride.

    While it's easy to make fun of names, especially foreign names, usually that's the type of humor that mean little brats resort to in 3rd grade. I personally don't think that Steyr would suddenly take off if they dropped Mannlicher from their name. It's not like Siemens has been kept from being one of the largest technology companies in the world because of its name.

    If you really want to help improve sales, let them shoot it! Mannlicher or no, it's an awesome gun. And if your ego can't handle the shame of having a "man licker" in your holster, I would be more than willing to take it off your hands!

  3. Seafarer61

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    Some say "man licker"....I say "ass kicker." Everyone that has held my S9-A1 and checked out the "traps," says "hmmm, I might have to get me one of these. Feels awesome and I love those sights."
  4. Metal Bird

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    It would be like ...
    Smith Dropping Wesson.
    Heckler Dropping Koch.
    Harley dropping Davidson.
    Siegfried dropping Roy ... sorry thinking man lickers :p
  5. babj615

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    Why are you hanging out with and showing your guns to middle schoolers?

    Seriously. Grow up.
  6. WayneJessie

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    Sounds like some of your friends might be guilty of "licking a man". I'd keep one eye on them at all times.
  7. jhb

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    Nope. I don't show my guns to many...I'm kinda weird on being private...but the few who have seen my guns all are drawn to the steyr. They love the shape and design.

    What would boost sales is the police or military using a steyr. Allot of buyers hear....police use this or military uses this...they would sell like hotcakes.
  8. Metal Bird

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    Yeah, all you need is the guy behind the counter to say it is what the police use. Seriously, I hear that ALL the time from any salesman behind any display case about any random gun I may be showing interest in.

    ..."Oh yeah, that there is a popular gun with the police" ... "The police are turning in their issued Glocks and going with that one" ... "The cops are spending personal money to buy and carry that gun and leaving their departments gun at home" ...

    Doesnt matter if it is an M&P, PX4, P226, SR40, XDm ... every cop carries every one of those guns as far as I know!
    Last time it was the Ruger SR9 as their Primary and a Diamondback DB9 as the Backup.

    I have not bought any of those guns yet so that sales pitch doesn't work on me I guess.
  9. kat1950

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    There are some people that should never own a weapon.
  10. Large S

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    Don't get me wrong, my friends do think my Steyr is awsome. I was just highlighting a common reaction to the name on the gun. I've heard the same thing at the Cabelas gun counter. Let's face it, people are going to make fun of the name. Is it immature? Yes. Are lots and lots of gun guys immature? Yes.
    I once heard a story about GM trying to sell a car in South America which had a name (I forget the model) that was a bad word in Spanish. Naturally it didn't sell well. Everyone wondered why they didn't change the name. Same thing here.
    I don't think that sales will increase 200% by removing the Mannlicher. The only thing that would do that is renaming it "GLOCK"! Or how about Steyr Arms.
    I am personally fine with having Mannlicher on my gun. After all I own one and love it and want to show it to all my friends. But as a business decision it might work.
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  11. Metal Bird

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    That would be the Chevy Nova ... but that is actually a tall tale told by Ford guys