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Ive been saving up for a scope as well. Im gonna try this new company arken optics. They make a copy of the vortex razor for 600$ so far the reviews are good, granted there a new company but there veteran owned out of Texas and state they stand behind their products with warranty and all. Another company to keep a eye on is meopta out of the Czech republic. They import their stuff through Florida and make the spotting scopes for nightforce but they're not well known in America. There very popular in Europe. There problem is they don't really make tactical style scopes and reticles although they have been starting to. They mostly come from the European hunting market and there the Swarovski or schmidt and bender of the Czech republic. I have there 2019 catalog and they just don't have the right features for the percision/tactical/long range style of shooting that's popular here in the US. But at least there moving in the right direction. I talked with one of there reps and he says there gonna start focusing on this market. But there's reviews out there on YouTube of what they do have available and there rave. I look at the future and I don't think company's like leupold, nightforce, S&B, Swarovski ect ect can keep charging what they charge forever. Technology is catching up with every industry out there and in the long run its better for us shooter's. Even nightforce is seeing the writing on the wall with there SHV line coming in significantly cheaper than there normal prices for there other scopes and leupold with there LRP line "in my opinion" ive looked through 3k$ scopes and i don't really see 2000$ worth of better sight picture than my 500-1000$ scopes Just my opinion
1 - 7 of 63 Posts
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