Tired of Hearing the Steyr Called a Glock

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    Sometimes I wonder if angels still pee on peoples' guns ("All your preparations are for naught...") or if guns really DO have a personality. It seems like some guns just take a dislike to me, the gods are angered, or it has been a urinal for divine beings. Mr. Steyr has been completely reliable since I bought it in '04., and I have shot it enough that I don't worry about malfs.
    Re: Glock - An instructor insisted that I use the safety on my S9 because it's there. Since I can't push up with my trigger finger I had to use a loaned equivalent Glock (go figure). I could not get through a magazine without a stoppage. In a class this is great for malfunction drills; in a gunfight, not so much. I was not limp wristing it, and nobody could figure out why it wasn't working for me when it worked for its owner.
    Re: Sig - A friend and I went to the range. I took Mr. Steyr and she took her Sig 226. The Sig worked flawlessly for her, but for me it wouldn't make it all the way thru a mag without a stoppage or 2.
    Neither Glock nor Sig sucks. Everybody who I know who has either likes it, but those 2 sure didn't work for me. Mr. Steyr just keeps chugging along.
    I wish Steyr would make their guns in 10mm and .45. Wouldn't a M10 be sweet?
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    My M9 ($295 back in the day) made me get rid of my carry Glock 17L, 26, and 21 (kept the 19 for old times sake).
    Then tried to make the G19 my wife's carry gun.
    She couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it.
    Gave her the newer M9-A1 and she is good to go.
    Definitely not a Glock.
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    I know the difference. The word Glock is Austrian for Hi-Point! Just look at them; the block looks reminiscent of a brick. Be Well, Packy
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    I was thinking, I haven't had a FTF FTE or any other malady with my SIG P-220. I like the "pre-expanded" 45. I have been a fan for years. I have the SIG on me right now and any time I'm up. Maybe I'm extreme but I worked in corrections 23 years and have heard crooks talk about their crimes and how they won't leave a live witness again. I hauled them all over the state of Misery for 9 years. I will stick with the SIG but if an M-9 says buy me cheap I will have to try one. Be Well, Packy