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Thoughts......Ramblings and a suggestion

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We have been told that the folks at Steyr do read the board.

While I was out in the garage cleaning my A1 it kind of struck me.

Like the AR-15 board, we have an Industry section.

Unlike the AR-15 board the manufacturer who it is devoted to does not participate.

I would ask the folks at Steyr to designate a person (or persons) to register and be a contact between members of the board and the manufacturer.

I understand and expect that at first it would be a bit rough on them as there are some members who have service issues, once those are resolved it will become a lot friendlier.

maybe Steyr could actually moderate the Industry section. This would go a long way towards resolving rumors.
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Outstanding suggestion....maybe write a letter and e-mail to Steyr formally inviting them "over" to this forum?
that would just be great! Just a perfect suggestion! :wink:
from what i understand. CGUNS has been in contact via landline several times with steyr over in austria. and has posted his findings and dialog of his discussions with them within the board here.
am i the only one who remembers the one post form "steyrfactory".
just PM them here.
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