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    in my 'spare' time:

    Some of the forum members might know that I've climbed all of Colorado's 14,000 ft peaks (many numerous times) and many of the 13K ones too.

    When I'm deep in the backcountry solo, I usually carry my Kahr PM9. Weight counts on the high peaks and I'll carry the pistol with two extra mags in a Safepacker holster.

    Enjoy the pics:

    The pic is of Navajo and Apache Peaks, high 13K peaks, south of RMNP, taken from the summit of another 13er, Shoshoni, late Sept 2005. Enjoy the view. ;)


    The next is a shot of my friend Chris as we climbed Crestone Needle, a fairly difficult 14,000 ft peak in Southern Colorado with the Sand Dunes and Sangre de Cristos behind.


    Here's a summit shot of me on Mt Lindsey, a 14er in the Blanca range, southern Colorado with Blanca Peak in the background, the fifth highest 14er in Colorado.

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    Awesome views....thanks for sharing the picts.
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    Gorgeous 8)

    where are the elevators to get up :?
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    ... great pictures! How I wish I can climb those too...

    I climb too by the way... tropical mountains.

    I understand that those you have climb are challengingly difficult to the max! :wink:

    ... I may not survive halfway to it! :oops: