Thinking About The Unthinkable

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    Laughing Wolf from has a series of posts for preparedness for when the brown stuff hits the fan, in particular for how to get ready for a mushroom cloud coming to your neighborhood.

    With Iran on the nuclear brink, North Korea already there and China and Russia not exactly our greatest friends on the globe, perhaps it's time we take a page out of the '50s and begin "Thinking About The Unthinkable", which is the title of Laughing Wolf's first post on preparedness.

    Here's a list of his topics:

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    The Islamofascists have already indicated their pleasure at the Dems assuming control of Congress. Unfortunately, another major incident is probably a given.

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    Let me remind you that 9/11 happened during the conservative's watch....
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    it doesnt matter who is in power at D.C. with the two current groups they are both complicit in the crimes against the American people.

    last I knew Democrats pretty well had power during the 93 bombing of the World Trade Towers and the Oklahoma city bombing the government still has unreleased information on those and many other things.

    Republicans are not the Answer neither are Democrats. Get back to 1776.
    Before the constitution and articles of confederation there was no republican party nor democrat. only one Revolution. you may elect some people but they provide easy distraction while keeping hidden secrets from the American people. this government was never meant to have secrets kept from the American people it was meant to be as open and transparent as the constitution. Division of Power,Checks and Balance the scales are tilt people its time to wake and come to your responsibility otherwise you deserve what tyranny you get.

    what is the Politicians and military Generals refer Terrorist to be?
    was it a snake?
    click the picture if your ignorant of its historical value

    how many foreign military bases do we need? 700+ ?
    why is it FBI is in about every country of the world ?
    do we really need to be a Global Empire that is the Worlds Police?

    If Man is Not Fit to Govern Himself, How Can He Be Fit to Govern Someone Else? - James Madison

    If Tyranny and Oppression Come to This Land It Will Be in the Guise of Fighting a Foreign Enemy - James Madison

    No Nation Could Preserve Freedom In the Midst of Continual War - James Madison

    Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant. -- James Madison

    oklahoma city bombing,world trade center bombing,world trade center destruction in 9/11.
    lots of government documents not made public and the ones released selectively painting a picture for the American people.

    is ignorance bliss when it leaves you in destruction and ruin.

    back to original topic. good idea to have maps of the country and know parks and hunting grounds to escape to.
    have route planned should something inspire a exodus like that of the towers neighborhood.

    on a cold day I can see the steam rise from a nuclear power plant 5-10 miles from my house. anything regarding that my plan is to bend over as fast as I can and kiss my rear goodbye before it vaporizes from a blast or falls off from the radiation should I survive.

    might check out the book: Prudent places by Stan Deyo ... intro.html
    does get a little nutty on future map of world but it could happen never know.

    to be prepared for a emergency good idea to have sealed plastic containers filled with supplies. bug out gear.
    go shopping get mostly sealed foods that will last long time. think camping for long time possibly till you expire.
    money cash is king well used to be. power goes out you might as well run that credit card through your butt crack
    investing in gold,silver and other precious metals and stones is a good idea.
    any electronics you enjoy might want solar panel, gas/multi fuel, hand crank wind up generator to supply power for them. fuel for burners and matches/lighters. light reading material recommend bible or equivalent maybe something for the kids and constitution good idea in case you want to start a new government.

    I just enjoyed 2 days without power during a brutal winter storm. house temp got to 55F no fireplace or wood burning furnace. electric generator needed servicing. some people will be without power for a week.
    It sucked but was great learned just how little the little things were. Warm meals are great. it certainly could have been worse.
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    Thanks for the Great post, MrApathy......

    I wish more people were of this mindset.....

    ...but, sadly, most are sheep........