Things I learned from my first IPSC match

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ETH77, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. ETH77

    ETH77 Premium Member

    Make sure your extractor works all the time every time.

    Go slow and get the Alphas. You can speed up later.

    Notice that even race gun drivers hit no-hit zones, don't let it get you down.

    Smooth is good.

    Don't listen to race gun drivers on the best way to shoot the stage, particularly when they've got 29 rounds in a mag and you have 10, or maybe 8. Think for yourself.

    It's better to reload while your moving, just not easier.

    Take time to enjoy the day. :)

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    "It's better to reload while your moving, just not easier."

    And if you were in a real fight you will hopefully do it instinctively on your way to cover/concealment.

  3. ThaiBoxer

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    One guy who has an STI that is reliable as an atomic clock had several problems today, no idea why. Another guy has an Open gun in .38 Super, and it was gagging all day. Yet another A-class Open shooter had 2 FTEs, and then accidentally dropped 2 (YES TWO) mags out of his gun on the last array. Another guy had a .45 L-10 gun that gagged once or twice. Last month, a Glock just completely broke when he chambered a round. Whole slide came off in his hand.

    Today the guns that ran perfectly at our match were: A Kimber 1911, an XD 9mm, a Glock 23, and a Steyr M40A1.
  4. ThaiBoxer

    ThaiBoxer Active Member

    Sounds familiar. Following good that's the tricky part. ;)

    Yes! Think for yourself, count it out, walk it thru like a gamer-weasel-wuss. Look at an alternative approach after that. Plan for mag changes between arrays. USPSA is an unrepentant gun game. Game on, baby!

    Bet your sweet bippy it is better. I don't think it's much tougher, once you try it a few times, and usually you don't need to go as fast as a standing reload (which should be avoided).

    Even though I had 3 Mikes today (2 on swingers, one on a long, weak-hand shot), I cuss out the irritation and then focus on the fun. Gun games are fun!
  5. JaegerWulf

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    Darnit, ETH, even with you describing a bad day at the match, you've got me wanting to start up. I wanna do IDPA, but I think USPSA would be fun too.

    I'm getting back to Dallas soon. Need to join a club. Hell, if having a bad day sounds as much fun as you describe it (not being sarcastic), I can't wait to hear you talking about having a good day. :)
  6. ThaiBoxer

    ThaiBoxer Active Member

    Do it JW! Plain old stand and shoot range time will seem pretty....tame after you see how much fun moving, plotting, shooting against the clock is. I wish I'd started 5 years ago.

    FYI: Typically, actually in every case I am aware of, there is no need to join a club to shoot matches.