The Village Sniper

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Deluxe247, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. smores

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    Sounds like they took the AK sound from Counter-Strike.... They should have gotten a more convincing "Croatian." However, I'll take his Dragunov.....

  2. charmincarmens

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    I did not find this amusing at all.This kind of junk does not belong on this, or any other gun site. Poor taste in entertainment,IMHO. :x
  3. babj615

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    I agree with you completely....

    This video is in extreme poor taste and does nothing to advance our cause in the 'uneducated' 'anti-gun' sheeples eyes/opinions amongst us....

    I have a great sense of humor. this video contains NO humor.

    Would any of us prefer that every new person we meet see this video just before they find out we are a 'gun person'????

    Not I.

    Not I.
  4. posterboy7

    posterboy7 New Member


    I thought it was very funny. Its completely outrageous.
  5. squirrelpotpie

    squirrelpotpie Premium Member

    found it rather amusing,

    ah, those wacky Brits... seems they'll tolerate most anything.
  6. nc_gunner

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    Not sure what to think of it. It's stupid and irresponsible, but it's the same kind of humor we saw with Monty Python. That same over the top crazy stuff that is still so popular. If you're overly sensitive to it based on the fact that the movie is about guns, then you miss what I think they were trying to do with the humor of the piece.

    Watch the "Village Idiot" sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus. They pose the village idiot as an integral part of the community, someone required to be there even though the man isn't actually an idiot. He's just made a career out of it. The sniper in this is somehow part of the community in the video; it's just strange humor.
  7. charmincarmens

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    I never liked Monty either,he is a idiot,I guess I just can't stand that kind of so called humor.
  8. xjrat

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    It was kinda funny, I like the brit humor a little,
    Spinal Tap great stuff also, Holy Grail :lol:
    I call it 2am humor, it's so-so at 5pm but when you
    are sleep deprived and it 2am everything is funny.
    Think about it, when is the best time to watch
    Mystery Science Theater 3000? 2am! Any B movie? 2am!
  9. midtnshooter

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    Cute Video, but not funny. I also agree that this should not be on any gun forum. This will only give this anti-gun groups something to complain about. Something that will give them to solidify their anti-gun laws. Why don't you take the link off and let YouTube show it on their own. I can post some of my own videos that would send the left-ies over the edge. Hmmm, am I correct on this one?

    Not Appropriate,

  10. Deluxe247

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    I posted this to generate a discussion. I never said that I thought it was funny or not. I was more interested in seeing what a more gun / 2nd amendment savy crowd thought of it. Most of the discussion is on par with my original thoughts that it was irresponsible and does not make the ownership of guns look like a good thing.

    We can't hide from these sort of media pieces. Even though this is posted on a gun forum, the discussion surrounding it will be the real determining factor of what it really means to gun owners...


    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

  12. posterboy7

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    I actually think the video is making fun of how quiet and uneventful English villages are. You could just as easily replace "village sniper" with "village drunk driver" or "village Grizzly Bear" or "village mad dog."

    Speaking as a lefty, it is an effort in futility in trying to avoid humor just because it includes guns. There are probably not many anti-gun folks trolling small brand specific gun sites looking for anti-gun ammunition. Frankly, they have all the ammuntion and uninformed assumptions they need to keep their cause going.

    Frankly, what hurts the people who care about legally owning guns is when celebrities like Tom Selleck and Charlton Heston can't talk publicly about a citizen's right to own guns without sounding like a cold hearted extremeist who can't be moved to feel an ounce of sympathy for parents of children who have been shot or wounded by accident or intentionally by crazed individuals.

    I just happened to turn on the TV one afternoon in 1999 to catch Tom Selleck come on Rosie O'Donnell. It was shortly after the Columbine shooting and Tom had been expecting to talk about a new movie or TV show, but Rosie mentioned his NRA ads. Tom grew very angry, charged Rosie with ambushing him, or some such and then they had short, very tense exchange and he got up and walked off. That looks bad.

    If he had maintained his cool, told Rosie O'Donnell that what happened at Columbine was a horrible criminal act and that he has the deepest sympathy for the parents and children of Columbine, then gone on to say that he did those NRA ads because he feels strongly in the right of law abiding Americans to hunt, sport shoot, and carry concealed for self defense, while emphesizing the duty and utmost importance of securing weapons and handling them safely he would have came off looking better personally, as well improved the image of the NRA and gun owners in general. Acting defensive and beligerant screams dishonestly, guilt and lack of credibility. It is very very bad PR to come off looking like you place owning guns over the safety of children, it only furthers the anti-gun framing of the issue: guns vs. children.

    Far be it from me to tell people what they should find funny, but humor aside, if you can't rationally and objectively defend your position in the face of empassioned opposition, either you need to reevaluate your reasons for being pro-gun or learn to state your position better. As far as I can tell, everyone here is a responsible, intelligent individual who knows why they own guns and why they enjoy shooting. We have nothing to be defensive about, that includes a bit of outlandish, over-the-top gun humor.

    I will jump down off my soap box now...
  13. QPluralisT

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    As posterboy7 said, it is probably a joke about English villages, and compared to the end of Hot Fuzz (should be in the US soon) this is nothing. (+1 to the rest of it as well)

    I'm not sure when this was made, but Croatia whooped England 2-0 in the UEFA Euro Cup 2008 qualifiers back in October. Might have something to do with it.
  14. Shooter

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    It's funny, its cute, something that SNL would like to put on tv but would be afraid to do......You know there might be a copycat who is wacked out enough to try something this thought on this it how quickly "civilization" can be stripped and a more base mentality can emerge. Just think Sarayavo (spelling), not too long ago hosting the winter olympics, suddenly becoming a killing field of snipers and daily survival.....New Orleans not so different except for the "law enforcement" taking guns away from old ladies and citizens defending themselves.......... :roll: Civilization is a vail that everyone agrees upon, but can easily get stripped away.......never forget.................