The Unashamed American

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    A Command Sgt. Major serving in Fallujah, Iraq, sent a flag to our church in appreciation of a care package we sent him as one of the members of the military at war associated with our congregation. When the preacher held up that tri-folded flag of star-spangled blue, it did something to me. I asked the preacher if we could all stand in appreciation of our troops at war and give them an ovation and we all did. I know those in harm's way couldn't hear it, but the Lord did and I believe in some way He allowed them to know that we care about them.

    John Connor's "Odd Angry Shot" column in the current issue of Guns magazine is titled: The Unashamed American.
    US Air Force Airmen with 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing carry the American
    flag during the Sept. 11, 2001, remembrance walk on Balad Air Base, Iraq,
    on Sept. 11, 2006. DoD photo: Airman 1st Class Chad M. Kellum, USAF

    Reminds me of a few "idiots" wearing rank I knew in the Navy. But those are the exception, not the rule. We're not "The Ugly American" as that famous book of the '60s was named, we're the best and brightest and also the most generous, compassionate nation on the planet at the moment. Long may our flag wave. I know I'm proud to be an American! :mrgreen:
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    I have been there and I have done that, I was a soldier; I was a leader of solders. I have taken orders as well as given them. I have done things I’m proud of and things I’m not. However, I did do them. I am now a civilian working and spending time with my loved ones. I have earned that right and would not trade that or my country for anything. Nothing is perfect but our country is only as good as “we” make. Good or bad it is what “we” make of it. The United States needs to only look to their left and to their right to see what needs have be met and follow though.

    We get to sleep at night only because there are ruff men watching the line. Thank God for them.