The Steyr GB deserves it's own thread!

Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by Guest, Apr 2, 2005.

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    I've owned one since the mid-80s, very accurate and reliable pistol. I'm lucky enough to have 5 mags for it, so the mags are currently worth more than the gun! Any other GB owners or fans out there? :?:
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    i got one that's in great shape - my first handgun, bought it about '88. got a bunch of mags for it also and the original box it came in with the accessories. it shoots well, but lead bullets foul it pretty fast. it seems to have more 'flip' than most but recoil is light. it's pretty big for a 9mm, but then i like my spectre in 9mm also.

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    as I know great gun. and also first pistol with plastic frame.
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    You should've know your guns better, my dear Georgian :? Plastic frame on Steyr GB :?: :?: :D Now, that's not even funny :cry: GB's frame IS made from a carbon steel; it's a single-layer precision stamping with two parts of frame welded together using unique fusion process developed by Steyr-Deimler-Puch Gmbh in the early '70s... As a result - frame IS as light and strong as a plastic one :!: And just FYI: the very FIRST handgun with plastic frame (ABS-plastic, ergo) was 1968 Heckler&Koch selective-fire "Volks Pistole" VP70... yessir, 15 years before Glock 8)

    Fielpero (the one who owns a Great GB :) )
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    According to

    The HK4 was designed in 1964.
    The HK P9S was designed as the P9 in 1965 (production in 1969)
    The HK VP70 was designed in 1968.
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    Well, right... but what's your point? Neither HK4, nor HK9 has plastic frames (I've owned both of them :? )
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    My point was: I thought the HK4 did....and while the P9S's frame was not all plastic like the Glock, there was a lot of plastic on the frame....I owned a P9S 9mm once. :?
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    Point well taken 8) Seling my HK P9s was quite a silly move(based on a sad fact of getting unemployed :cry: )...still feelin' sorry and mad...THAT didn't help a bit :x ... I've never moved my toys to somebody else toolbox since :D

    Steyr GB, Steyr AUG A1, HK VP70z, HK 270,Springfield Armory Longslider "Trofy Match", ASAI-Oerlikon "onePRO 45", Dan Wesson 15-2 HV, Colt Python, Mosin-Nagant M38, Schmidt-Rubin K31, Mauser C.96, Mauser HSc, Walther P38
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    Fielpero.....I feel your pain! :oops: I sold my P9S years ago and regret it to this day (especially when I see today's prices for them!! AAAARRRGGHHH!!!).....also, like you, I don't sell my guns off anymore. How do you like your DW Mdl. 15-2? I have a couple of them that I love....I've seen the barrel changing tool go for $60+ on eBay!

    Regarding the Steyr GB, didn't Charlie Sheen's character use one in "The Rookie"?

    Happy 4th of July one and all!
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    SRFL...and a Happy Fourth of July 2 U 2 :D
    LOve my DW...someone could say it's a blaschemy,but I think it has better balance then my Python :eek: Regarding the evil E-bay - just spotted the rare 10" barrel for Mod.15 for 600 semolians 8O ... that's twice more then I paid for the whole gun :!: :!:
    Regardin' "The Rookie" U R absolutely right... like that flick... all my favorite actors: Eastwood, Sheen, late Raul Julia and the "evil" Sonia Braga =D>
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    The Walther P88 and the Steyr GB are some of the best 9mm pistols of the 1980's. I really wish they had performed better in the marketplace.
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    I also am a GB fan bought mine in the early 80's, don't think I would ever part with it. Accurate and Reliable. Just a PITA to clean because of the gas delay blowback.
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    My brother-in-law, in New Mexico has a GB he purchased in the late 80's and recently spoke to me about selling it to buy other toys.
    He claims to have fired 5- 8 boxes through it with not a problem and has 5 or 6 mags for it. The pistol looks like new with no scratches or dings.

    Now the question is how do we determine a good and fair price?

    I would appreciate any advice. If I don't buy it, what would it perhaps sell for? I know he has 5 mags for sure; however, he may have 6.

    Armayor :?:
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    Shooting the GB

    Hi from a newbie. I have one of the last of the GB imports ( SN P140xx ) and 4 magazines ~ 2 still unused ~ and love it. If any of you Steyr fans would like to shoot it you're welcome ~ we have plenty of land and located near Canon City (CO) PM me if you'd like to visit. Best To All, 10and45
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    Yep, the GB is kinda rare but has made some big screen appearances. Just saw one in "The Peacemaker" with George Clooney. The Russian General who stole the Nukes had one, couple good closeups when he shoots Luka @ the checkpoint and the following scenes.
    Also used in "Exit Wounds" and is a featured weapon in several video games including "Shadow Op: Red Mercury" and "Raccoon City: Hell on earth" (resident evil). I can remember seeing it in a few more movies but I'm drawing a blank right now.
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    I like my DW also- can't say it's as elegant as a Python but having belonged to my deceased Dad and myself, it's a family heirloom to be passed on to my son. I don't feel poorly armed with a .357. As far as tack driving defensive guns, nearly every self defence encounter occurs at 20 ft or less and the effective hit zone is about the size of a dinner plate. If someone is 25 yds away you might have a hard time convincing the law that he presented an immediate threat.
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    As per CDNN used gun email:

    Steyr GB•9mm•Blue•1-18rd•VG-EX....#STEGB....$489.99

    Seems to be pretty good price, no?