The S9 compared to the M9

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    I just purchased the Steyr S9. Has anyone shot the S9 and the M9? Is there any major difference of how they are build? Which one is better?
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    the difference is:
    1/2" shorter grip
    1/2" shorter length (slide, barrel, frame)
    Couple of ounces.

    Actually I think one of those measurments is like 3/8ths not 1/2 but since i never remember which I just say 1/2" for both.

    all internals except for those parts are interchangable. M series mags can be used in a S but will stick out the bottom by, you guessed it, 1/2". S mags are too short to fit in a M frame.

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    "better" would depend entirely on your use.

    an s9 is very versatile.

    it's very concealable. holds a full ten rounds for gaming. the weight is very easy to live with on your hip all day, but the gun is heavy enough that you could fire 150 or 200 rounds out of it in a day without having to ice your wrist down. it shoots a nine, which is cheap to buy but still effective for defense. you can load 12 rounds into a modified s40 mag and carry 14 rounds in an m9 spare mag.

    congratulations on buying an s9.

    we can't wait for the range report!!
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    I own both.

    I prefer the balance of the S9 a little better. The shorter slide/barrel changes the center of gravity of the gun, and for me, it's more stable and balanced in my hand.

    I feel I'm more accurate with the S than I am with the M, but only because the S feels more "natural" in my hand. Both are still more accurate than I am, that's for sure.

    As far as build - they're the same except for the shorter slide/barrel of the S, and the fact that the S has a steel captured guide rod while the M's is plastic.
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    The first 200 rounds

    I just came back from shooting the S9 it felt great in my hand and i did better than i thought i would. I shot 200 rounds without stoping ..... the gun is really good.

    P.S. It kept throwing the empty shells on my head though ....??? is this normal for a new gun ???

    How often should i clean the gun ?I asked a few guys but everyone has a different idea of what is the best for the gun. One says that twice a year is good enough. Another says that i should clean it every three hundred rounds. I know that overcleaning a gun is worst than not cleaning it at all.
    Can someone with more experience help me out here
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    Steyr S & M ( :D ) pistols have a bit of a reputation for throwing brass back at the shooter. many of them seem to settle down at about 500 rounds or so. Some seem to never settle down.

    My M40 seemed to settle in at about 450-500 rounds.

    Clean the gun well after every range session. It can't hurt it.
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    The M9 is the first handgun I ever bought, and the S9 is my second. The M feels a little more natural in my hand because I have long fingers; even though the grips are almost the same, my fingers seem to wrap around the S more and trigger finger placement is a little more awkward. Also, I have to be a little careful on magazine changes with the S or I can pinch the side of my palm between the mag and the grip. 8O

    The S feels heavier in my hand than the M, but I think it's psychological because with the smaller size S I just expect it to weigh less when I pick it up. I thought the M was quite accurate (for me) from the first time I fired it at 10 - 12 yards, but with the S at first I had trouble hitting a 10" plate at 10 yards. After I worked on my grip some, I could shoot the S pretty much like the M. I qualified for my CCW with my M, and at 7 yards the instructor could cover the pattern from 50 rounds with one hand, which really pleased me since I had only put 110 rounds through the gun up to then. :D

    My S has bonked me on the head with brass once and nearly put a case into my shirt pocket once; the M has been more polite.
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    Do the slide cleaning as per the pictorial we have here. That settles the ejections down on a majority of pistols.

    Field clean every 300-500 rounds or so. Complete tear down and cleaning (extractor and FP channell for example) every 1000-1500 rnds is my best advice.

    The tennifer treated metal has a rockwell hardness WAY above normal steel and close to diamonds. Cleaning won't hurt it, but i usually use a nylon brush for routine cleaning and a metal one only when i do the thorough scrubs, but I do that as a convenience for quickie cleans.

    Twice a year may be good for a glock w/ tolerances you could drive a mack truck through. But for a steyr it may not nedd A LOT of cleaning like a 1911 to function, but it WILL run SMOOTHER w/ regular maintenance.
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    :D thank you everyone for all the info. It is really helpful
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    I clean my S9 after every range session. It may not be necessary, but that's what I was taught in my formative years, so I do it. Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner works well to remove copper fouling, and I lube the reciprocating surfaces lightly with Remington Gun Oil.